Professor J.S. Perry Hobson

  Professor J.S. Perry Hobson

Pro Vice Chancellor - Global Engagement

PhD, Doctor of Philosophy (Tourism) SOUTHERN CROSS UNIVERSITY, Lismore, Australia, 2003
M.S. Hotel, Restaurant & Travel Administration, UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS at Amherst, USA. 1988
B.Sc. (Honours) Hotel & Catering Management, OXFORD POLYTECHNIC (now Oxford Brookes University), Oxford, UK. 1986
  • Consumer Behaviour in Tourism
  • International students and travel patterns
  • Tourism and Shopping

Research Interests
  • Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Marketing of tourism destinations
  • International education
  • Global mobility and students
  • The international student experience

Peer Reviewed Papers
  • Tse, P. and Hobson, J.S.P. (2008) “Assessing China’s Outbound Tourism Policy”, Journal of China Tourism Research. Vol. 4 (2) pp. 136-155
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Book Chapters
  • Hobson, J.S.P. (1999). “An overview comparison of US, UK and Australian hospitality education and their university systems”. In (eds) Barrows, C., & Bossleman, R., Hospitality & Tourism Education, New York: Haworth Press
  • Hobson, J.S.P. (1999). “Understanding Tourism: A destination perspective”. In (ed) Borchgrevik, C. Perspectives on Hospitality Management. Kendall/Hunt: Dubuque, Chp. 3, pp.63-87
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Conference Abstracts/Proceedings
  • Davidson, M., Wilkins, H., King, B. Hobson, J.S.P., Craig-Smith, S. Gardiner, S. (2010). “Travel Behaviour of International Students in Australia: Opportunities for the Industry”. Proceedings of the 21st CAUTHE Conference. UniSA, Adelaide, Australia.
  • Hobson, J.S.P. and Archer, W. (2007). “The experiences of international students studying tourism, hotel and events in Australia”. Association of Tourism in Higher Education (ATHE). St Anne’s College, Oxford, UK. Conference Abstracts, p. 8.
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  • Leiper, N, Hobson, J.S.P., and Lewis P. (2007). “You say Tomayto, I say Tomharto: Shall we Dance? Resolving misunderstanding between managers in tourism industries and academics in universities”. In Proceedings of the 5th APacCHRIE and 13th Asia Pacific Tourism Association Joint Conference, Beijing International Studies University, Beijing, China. Tourism Education Press. Conference Abstracts, P. 127
  • Hobson, J.S.P. (2005, May). Developing Industry-Education Partnerships: A case study of what has worked and what has not. Hospitality & Tourism in Asia: Charting our Future through Education and Research. Proceedings of the 3rd annual APacCHRIE annual conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Hobson, J.S. P. (2005, April). Making Industry-Education Partnerships Work - The Experiences of Southern Cross University in Australia. Proceedings of the PATA Educator’s Forum, PATA, IFT-Macau (ISBN 962-367-458-9).
  • Hobson, J.S.P. (2003). “Barriers to Tourist Shopping”. In Proceedings of the 2003 APTA Conference, Sydney published by UTS. p.78.
Invited Presentations
Scholarly Activities/Industry Experience
  • Editor-in-Chief - Journal of Vacation Marketing (1999-to date). SSCI index journal.
  • Visiting Professor (2006-to date) MCi, Innsbruck, Austria
  • PhD Examiner for James Cook University, Australia (2016); Edith Cowan University, Australia, (2015); University of Queensland, Australia (2013 & 2014); University of Sydney, Australia, (2011); University of Waikato, New Zealand (2008, 2009 & 2014).
  • Board Member, Competence Centre for Tourism Management and Tourism Economics (TOMTE). University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy. 2008- to present competence centre.html
  • Co-Editor: Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education, 2006-2009

Awards & Honours
  • Honorary Fellow of CHME (2017). Recognised for contribution to education and research with a Honorary Fellowship from the UK-based Council for Hospitality Management Education (CHME).
  • Fellow of CAUTHE (2014). Elected to the ‘College’ of the Council for Australasian University Tourism & Hospitality Education (CAUTHE) for substantial and sustained contribution to hospitality and tourism education and research and service to CAUTHE.
  • Platinum Award – Tourism Training Australia (2004). Received this industry award for my personal contribution to the development of life-long learning opportunities for individuals in the industry,
  • Recognition for Research Standing: Identified in three separate refereed articles over in the A* journal Tourism Management as being amongst the world’s top tourism researchers:
  • Ryan, C (2005). “The ranking and rating of academics and journals in tourism research”. Tourism Management. Vol 26, pp.657-662 (identified as being 27th out of 52 academics listed by journal articles published in the period 1990-2004). See
  • Jogaratnam, G, Chon, K, McClearly, K Mena, M, Yoo, J (2005). “An analysis of institutional contributors to three major tourism journals: 1992-2001”. Tourism Management, Vol 26, pp.641-648 (identified as a leading researcher and listed as being 35th = out of 45 international scholars listed).. See
  • Zhao, W and Ritchie, JRB (2007). “An investigation of academic leadership in tourism research: 1985-2004”. Tourism Management, Vol 28, pp. 476-490 (listed in Category 1 of the “expanded list of leading tourism scholars” being identified as someone “who had made a substantial contribution to the field”). See

Professional Affiliations
  • Member of the Board of Directors (and former CEO), International Centre of Excellence for Tourism and Hospitality Education (ICE-THE). 2011-to present
  • Member and Past President, Council of Australasian Universities in Hospitality & Tourism Education (CAUTHE), 1995-present
  • Member, and Past Vice-President, Travel & Toursim Research Association Asia-Pacific Chapter (TTRA-Apac), 2011 to present
  • Past President, Asia-Pacific Chapter for the Council for Hospitality,Restaurant and Instititonal Educators (ApacCHRIE)
  • Board Member, Asia Pacific Tourism Association (APTA). 2005-to date