Taylor’s University offers a range of financial awards to support local and international students to succeed in their postgraduate programmes. The financial support is awarded on a competitive basis where assessments include academic achievements, leadership qualities, scholastic aptitude, presentation skills and writing skills. Alignment to Taylor’s University’s strategic thrust is critical in the granting of these awards.

All financial awards are subject to their own specific terms and conditions. The availability is limited and applicants should seek clarification with Taylor’s Graduate School at the time of application.

Postgraduate Coursework Programmes
  1. Single Full Fee Payment Waiver
  2. Total Commitment Fee Waiver
  3. Top Employer’s Corporate Scholarship
  4. High Achiever’s Scholarship
  5. Taylor’s Alumni Scholarship
  6. Merit Scholarship
  7. Premier Educator Scholarship
Postgraduate Research Programmes
  1. Taylor's University World Fellowship
  2. Vice-Chancellor Award
  3. ASEAN Tourism Scholarship
  4. Master and PhD Research Scholarship
  5. Tutorship

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External Financial Assistance
  1. Ministry of Higher Education – MyBrain15 Sponsorship Programme
    Awarding Body: Ministry of Higher Education. MyBrain15 was established to recruit and develop a pool of talented, high-caliber intellectuals in the country with the objective to spur the growth of research and innovation. Under the "MyBrain15" initiative, the Malaysian government has recently set a new goal to produce 60, 000 Malaysian PhD holders by the year 2020.
  2. Research Assistantship
    A Research Assistantship is offered by lecturers who have been awarded a research grant. A Research Assistant under their supervision will enjoy the opportunity to conduct investigative academic research closely with the faculty. The research conducted by the student will directly contribute to their research project. For further information, please contact the respective lecturer.
  3. Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS) Ministry Of Higher Education Malaysia
    The Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS) is an initiative by the Malaysian Government to attract the best minds from around the world to pursue advanced academic studies in Malaysia. This scholarship aims to support The Malaysian Government's effort to attract, motivate and retain talented human capital from abroad.
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  4. Malaysia Technical and Cooperation Programme (MTCP) for Postgraduate Studies
    The MTCP Scholarship for Post-Graduate Studies provides opportunities for students to pursue advanced academic study in Malaysia. This scholarship is based on government-to-government (G to G) arrangement, without any bond imposed by Malaysia. Scholarships are intended for promising candidates who are expected to make a significant contribution to their home countries upon their graduation. The duration of the award is 36 months for PhDs and between 12 to 24 months for Masters. 
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  5. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)
    The Malaysian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan are awarded by the Malaysian Government to nominated students from the Commonwealth countries to study at the post-graduate level in Malaysia. This is a Government to Government scheme without any bond imposed by Malaysia. The award for a Master’s degree is for a duration 12 to 24 months depending on the study programme. The award for pursuing a PhD degree is for a duration 3 years. The awards are only applicable for candidates pursuing full-time postgraduate programmes in Malaysia.
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For further information on the Postgraduate Scholarships & Bursaries and External Financial Assistance and how to apply, please contact :
Ms Yap Ling Foong  :  03-5629 5336
Ms Debora Caroline  :  011-1562 9957
Mr Edward Choy  :  018-311 3085
Email  :