KPT/JPS (R/541/6/0026) (MQA/FA0139) 02/21
Our Food Science with Nutrition degree programme offers students the opportunity to learn the science and technology of involved in food creation, processing and preservation, as well as the use of nutrition to improve human health.

Students in our Food Science with Nutrition degree programme will be equipped with scientific knowledge to develop innovative, safe and healthy food products; the ability to advice and provide nutritional information for individuals; and entrepreneurial skills to set up food related business ventures.

Focus on Food Product Development
  • Exposure to core food science modules, from microbiology to food chemistry and sensory evaluation.
  • Exposure to the operations of food businesses via modules such as Food Preservation, Food & Nutrients Evaluation, and Food Safety & Quality Management.

Varied Choice of Electives
  • Comprehensive knowledge on halal food production via elective modules such as Introduction to Halal Food and Principles of Halal Food Business Management, which have been developed in collaboration with the Halal Industry Development Corporation Malaysia (HDC).
  • Exposure to business and entrepreneurship via elective modules such as Introduction to Accounting, Introduction to Management, and Introduction to Marketing.

Dynamic Internship Programme
  • Opportunity to work with industry on research projects related to product development, food processing and food safety.
  • 4-6 months industrial attachment in the areas of food manufacturing and processing, nutrition science and product development.
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Career Options
  • Consultancy
  • Food Analyst
  • Food Product Specialist
  • Food Technologist
  • Industry Buyer / Retail Buyer
  • Product / Process Development Scientist
  • Production Manager
  • Quality Assurance Associate
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Regulatory Affair Officer
  • Research Scientist (Food)
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