Students in the Community
Students are encouraged to contribute towards their surrounding community, improving the standards of living of those around them.
Cervical Cancer and HPV Vaccination Campaign
Biosciences students joined Kumpulan Medic and Glaxo Smith Kline to organise the cervical cancel and HPV vaccination campaign, to create awareness on cervical cancer and prevention through the HPV vaccination.
Kuala Selangor Nature Park
The field trip aimed to create awareness among students on the conservation of fireflies.
Tree Planting
Students participated in a tree-planting event, as part of an environment restoration exercise.
Arakane Refugee Center Outreach Programme
The Programme was an eye-opening experience, as students were exposed to the backgrounds and living conditions of refugee children and had the opportunity to tutor them.
Industry and Field Visits
Students gained industry insights through visits to manufacturing facilities, laboratories and research institutions.
Lecture Series
Visting experts from partner universities and bioscience organisations share their knowledge of the latest developments in the field through lectures.