KPT/JPS (N/345/6/0369) (MQA/PA3424) 06/18
This Marketing degree programme is designed to equip students with the latest theories and practices in business marketing, including the ability to understand consumers’ needs, design products, conceive brand strategies, perform market research, pricing and placement strategies, as well as gain insight into the world of e-marketing and integrated communications.

Bachelor of Business in Marketing students will learn how to communicate information on products and services to the target market, develop viable plans of action to respond to growing demands and trends in different countries and cultures, as well as the ability to make strategic marketing decisions in complex situations.

From Theory to Application
  • Develop critical thinking, ideas and concepts to fit existing and new markets; analyse the market environment, make critical decisions and communicate marketing plans to stakeholders, through modules such as Market Analysis & Decision Making and Strategic Management.
  • Exposure to real-world situations through project based learning and simulations based on industry case studies.

Industry-relevant Curriculum
  • The Module Adoption Programme (MAP) links theory to practice by inviting industry specialists such as Nielsen to give lectures, share experiences, case studies and projects to enhance students’ learning.
  • Opportunity to embark on a fast-track employment programme (Exec Track Programme) with CIMA and KPMG.
Semester 1
  • Business Communication
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Introduction to Management
  • Microeconomics
  • Quantitative Methods for Business
Semester 2
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Macroeconomics
  • Organisational Behavior
  • Principles of Marketing
  • MPU (U2)*
  • MPU (U3)*
Semester 3
  • Business Law
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Marketing Management
  • MPU (U1a)*
  • MPU (U1b)*
  • MPU (U4)*
Semester 4
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Research Methods
  • Retail Marketing
  • Elective I
  • Elective II
Semester 5 (Short Semester)
  • Business Ethics & Values
  • Business in Context: Case Study
  • or
  • Entreprenuership Accelerator Project
  • or
  • Project
  • International Marketing
  • Services Marketing
Semester 6
Internship / Industry Immersion

Semester 7
  • Brand Management
  • Business in Context: Case Study
  • or
  • Entreprenuership Accelerator Project
  • or
  • Project
  • Market Analysis & Decision Making
  • Strategic Management
  • Elective III
Year 2
  • Business to Business Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Introduction to International Business
  • Management Accounting
  • Management Information Systems
  • Pricing
  • Production & Operation Management
  • Supply Chain Management
Year 3
  • Contemporary Issues in Marketing
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Doing Business in Asia
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business
  • Interactive & Digital Marketing
  • Organisational Studies
* The Ministry of Education (MOE) requires all students to take Mata Pelajaran Umum (MPU) (i.e. General Studies) which is categorised under U1, U2, U3 and U4 within the duration of their studies. U1 modules are prescribed by MOE whereas U2, U3 and U4 modules are from a list of University Core Modules (UCM) prescribed as per the Programme Guide.
  • Brand Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing Communication Manager
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Product Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Sales Manager
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