International Student Experience

Taylor's International Student Experience (ISE) promotes the well-being and social interaction of international students and eases their transition into a multicultural and diverse learning environment.
ISE also aims to provide comprehensive and well-planned services to all international students which include effective student support services and compliance with governance and regulatory requirements. 

ISE has four main areas of focus:


For more information about International Student Experience, activities for International Students, welfare assistance for new arrivals, or to contribute to the International Student community as Student Leaders, Global Ambassadors or Best Buddy, please contact us at:

Phone: 03-5629 5012, 03-5629 5085, 03-5629 5357, 03-5629 5596
Helplines (Emergencies only):
011-2128 9241 / 011-2128 4693 / 011-2128 9673/ 011-2128 3298
Student Life Centre, Block B Level 1

Taylor's University International Student Council
Taylor's University International Student Council (TUISC) represents the international student community in Taylor’s University and serves as an intermediary to voice the needs and issues of all international students. TUISC also strives to encourage integration amongst 3,000 international students from over 80 countries worldwide for friendship and partnership through initiating various events on leadership and cultural understanding.

World Fest
World Fest, an annual major event at Taylor’s University, brings together ethnicities and cultures from across the globe on a common platform in embracing our respective uniqueness. As the Lakeside Campus is reputed as a melting pot of world cultures with local and international students from various walks of life, this event is a celebration of the students’ diversity, equality and unity as world citizens at Taylor’s.

International Clubs and Societies
  • Taylor’s University African Society
  • Taylor’s University Bangladeshi Society
  • Taylor’s University China Society
  • Taylor’s University Indian Society
  • Taylor’s University Indonesia Society
  • Taylor’s University Kazakhstani Society
  • Taylor’s University Korean Society
  • Taylor’s University Maldivian Society
  • Taylor’s University Mauritian Society
  • Taylor’s University Pakistani Society
  • Taylor’s University Sri Lankan Society

Best Buddies Connect
Best Buddies Connect (BBC) is a Buddy Programme for all new international students. A Buddy is a senior Taylorian student who assists new International Students to connect and to settle-in smoothly into the University and Malaysia in general.

If you would like to get a Buddy to guide you through the first month of your stay here in Taylor's University, please register here.

For more information about the programme, please email:

BBC KL Familiarization Trips
BBC organises KL Fun Trips for all new international students every intake! BBC Student Leaders bring the students on a fun day out in the City to experience the sights and sounds of Kuala Lumpur.

BBC Timeouts
BBC organises many different outings throughout the year especially for the International Students of Taylor’s University. Some previous outings include: FRIM (Forestry Research Institute of Malaysia) Canopy Walk, Batu Caves, Skytrex Adventure Park, Paintballing, Laser-tagging, Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Bon Odori, Concerts and more!

Global Ambassador

Global Ambassadors are student leaders who receive new international , exchange students and short mobility participants to the Lakeside Campus, and assist them in their integration into university life. As an extension of Student Affairs, the Global Ambassadors exchange views and outlooks, first-hand experiences and practical advice on student life to all new international students including exchange students. Global Ambassadors are groomed and trained to immerse and engage with the University’s stakeholders and embark on local cultural and lifestyle experiences alongside these target groups.

Exchange Engagement Programme (EEP)
Exchange Engagement Programme (EEP) is a social and cultural integration programme specifically designed for inbound Exchange Students at Taylor’s University, and aimed at easing their transition into a new campus, city and country. Through EEP, the Exchange Students are exposed to all that the University has to offer from homestays and community service to professional development opportunities.