The Taylor’s Orientation Week is the first step towards transitioning as a student into a campus life with rich experiences. To ensure that you are able to gain the most from your time here at Taylor's University, we have lined up a comprehensive and exciting orientation programme to help settle you in and to get you started with your life as a student.

The orientation is also supported by the Taylor’s Orientation Leaders who are a team of senior students working collaboratively with Student Development Hub to assist new students in their transition to university life during orientation week.
2018 Student Orientation Guides

Why should I attend the Orientation?
  • Smooth Transition - Orientation eases new students’ transition and settling into Taylor’s education system, and the life and culture at our Lakeside Campus
  • Gain Full Access - Find your way around and gain access to facilities, support services, general amenities and transportation
  • Be Introduced and Get Involved - There are many activities beyond the classroom on offer at Taylor’s to cater to every need
  • Meet Other Students - Get acquainted with the globalized population on campus
  • Don’t Miss Out - Important information, checklists and to-dos when you arrive and throughout the duration of your studies, both from Faculty Offices and Support Services

Some Key Activities To Expect: 

University Welcome
New students are formally welcome by the Taylor’s University Vice-Chancellor and President and Heads of School. During the orientation briefing students can look forward to learning more about Campus Central, Career Services Centre, Global Mobility Office, Counseling and Psychological Services Centre, Health Services Centre, Student Development, Sports and Recreations Centre and International Office. In addition, students are able to acquire critical information on the services provided by Library, ICT, University Gym, Student Success Centre (SSC) and SHINE Awards Centre (SAC). The e-Learning Academy will introduce the Blended Learning with TIMeS which is important for students to know about the online platform available in assisting, and enhancing their learning experiences. Senior students and alumni are invited to share their campus experiences and how to maximise their time in the university, balancing between academic achievement, personal development and leadership enhancement.

Campus Hunt
The adrenalin pumping self-navigated Campus Hunt is organized by Taylor’s Orientation Leaders to help new students be familiarized with the key location and support services of various student-oriented departments. Every station is infused with fun and exciting games and students are required to work in a group to solve different round of challenges which promotes integration, team work and critical thinking.
Clubs and Societies Day
Clubs and Societies Day is an avenue for new students to join any clubs and societies of their choice. Student Organisations has a myriad of non-sports clubs ranging from business centric, community centric, international, cultural, performing arts, public speaking, spiritual, media and arts and more! The student organisations at Taylor’s is a platform for you to develop your leadership skills and experience a vibrant campus experience. Presently we have 41 clubs (and counting) participating in Clubs and Societies Recruitment Drive to engage with new students through showcase of clubs, activities and performances. You can even form your own new Club club if you are unable to find one that matches your interest.

Orientation Party
The Orientation Party is a themed party organized by the Taylor’s Orientation Leaders to welcome and celebrate new students as they enter into University /College life. Exhilarating games are in place to encourage students to get to know one another, integrate and have fun with exciting prizes up for grabs . There are various performances showcased by Clubs and Societies and many other in-house talents adding flavor to the event. Sumptuous refreshments are provided!

Personal Safety Awareness and Action Workshop
All students are advised to attend this workshop where they will learn how to avoid being a victim of crime through self-defense. During the briefing, different techniques and tips will be demonstrated.