Welcome to what will be the most awesome 3-5 years of your life! University is a very special time in your life when you’re not quite a full-fledged adult, but you’re no longer a child either. It’s the time you gain your independence and sever your umbilical cord to home, when you learn to foster new friendships and a time of personal self-discovery. University student life isn’t just all about books and obtaining your degree. It’s far more than that. During your brief time at university there are incredible opportunities for personal growth, and for having fun enjoying this once in a lifetime experience.

The Scholars Development Programme (SDP) was initiated in January 2012 to create a platform for scholars to become more well-rounded individuals, to create a School-Life balance, and to cultivate and hone the soft skills required to succeed in life no matter what your personal goals may be. Whether you’re training to be an engineer or a world-renowned chef or perhaps going on to launch the next exciting start-up, you’ll discover that these soft skills you have picked up at university will come in handy.

Redefining the Scholar Culture
The age old proverb, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ holds true, and we understand that it is essential to create an environment where you as a scholar can meet new people, develop new bonds of friendship and camaraderie, and come out of your own shell. And not forgetting, to have fun. Scholars are usually stereotyped for being studious nerds who are introverts and lack personality. Through the Scholars Development Programme, you as a scholar can break that mold and prove that scholars know how to party like rock stars too. Gaining expertise and acquiring the technical knowledge in your field of study is important. But possessing strong collaboration, communication, and leadership skills coupled with the ability to think out of the box is equally important, if not vital to stand out from amongst the sea of graduates in a competitive job market and especially essential to succeed in your own business endeavors.
You're the Boss
In this programme, you choose how much you want to learn and grow. You make your own choices and decide for yourself on what you want to participate in, where to work at, who to learn from and how far you want to go in your personal holistic development. The Scholars Development Programme merely provides the platform, tools, guidance and support for you to launch yourself in life.
It’s Your Time to SHINE
The Scholars Development Programme is integrated with the industry-endorsed SHINE Award which is an achievement record that formally recognises and rewards all students and scholars who wish to reach their full potential by participating in fun and diverse extra-curricular activities both on and off-campus. Your participation in key components of this programme allows you to claim points under the SHINE Programme and be in the running for receiving the SHINE Award and a Second Transcript which serves as an official attestation to your learning journey outside of the classroom.

What's in SDP?
There is more than one way to become a superstar scholar on campus. Variety is the spice of life! And we encourage you to dip as many fingers in as many pies as you like based on your personal interests, passions and aspirations. Or just pick one and give it all you’ve got.
Scholars Leadership Team
Each year, a small group of self-motivated scholars will form the leadership team for the Scholars Development Programme (SDP) and are bestowed the honour of setting the course, navigating and driving the programme for the entire year. To ensure the success of the programme, the leadership team will need to enlist the help of fellow scholars to support their endeavours for the year and at the same time encourage fellow scholars to engage in the programme’s events and activities. Being a part of the leadership team also means taking on the big bro or big sis role in helping new scholars integrate into the development programme. Suitable for scholars who want to take on a more challenging role, learn what it really means to be result-oriented and discover the leader in them.

Teambuilding Camp at Broga Bliss Eco Garden Resort

P2A Trip to Duy Tan University, Danang, Vietnam
Scholars Mentoring Programme
In this programme, scholars are given the opportunity to work alongside and be mentored by staff and faculty members of the University. This mentoring platform is designed for scholars who wish to gain knowledge and insights into specific fields of industry as well as develop essential working skills and qualities, such as work ethics and professionalism. This mentoring programme is available twice a year and runs for 3-6 months. Suitable for scholars who are seeking some real life working experience sans work stress and potentially become a celebrated protégé.

Student Ambassador
From University Open Days to Career and Employment Fairs including conferences and workshops, there is a plethora of seemingly never ending department and school projects as well as events happening on campus that will require scholars’ assistance, be it as part of the organizing committee or as helpers at the actual event. Being a Student Ambassador creates the opportunity for scholars to be a part of the various events on campus and contribute to its success behind the scenes. Because of the diversity of activities and roles that a Student Ambassador can play, being one is a great starting point for scholars to participate in the Scholars Development Programme (SDP). Suitable for scholars who want to experience different campus activities, learn the ropes in events organizing and who love to mingle.

Scholar Ambassadors at Open Day
Taylor’s Talent Management Programme
Placements on the Taylor’s Talent Management Programme (TMP) are only awarded to the elite few with outstanding academic performance and at the same time display exemplary contributions in extra-curricular activities. For the fortunate scholars who succeed in obtaining a placement, they will have the privilege of working closely with and being mentored by the Vice President of Student Experience, during their one-year journey to be groomed in the areas of leadership, cross-cultural integration and community service initiatives. Suitable for scholars who have a passion and desire to groom themselves to be Captains of Industry and Masters of the Universe.

Scholars on a community service initiative in Hong Kong

Project INKED – Against Verbal Bullying
Clubs & Societies
Joining a club or society is the easiest way for you to make new friends and get involved in University life. There are over 35 active clubs and societies covering 9 different category interests ranging from the spiritual to entrepreneurial, as well as the ones which were formed just for fun such as the Anime Society and Sky Adventure Club for adrenaline junkies. With such a wide range of clubs and societies to choose from, you’re bound to find one which will appeal to your personal interests and passions. And if you don’t, you can always start one of your own. Suitable for everyone.

Taylor’s Society of Performing Arts (SPART)

Taylor’s Music Club
Scholar Initiated Projects
Can’t really find a programme that suits you? Create one! Scholars are given the opportunity to turn any of their ideas into reality by initiating their own project that will benefit the University community or the community at large. There are no limitations as to what sort of projects you can start be it in innovation, entrepreneurial, or community service related. It’s really all up to your own creativity and passion. The sky’s the limit! Suitable for scholars who are passionate dreamers, possess a desire to give back to the community and make the world a better place. Here are a few Scholar Initiated Projects, big and small, that have impacted the lives of Taylor’s University students as well as the community at large.

Visit to Rumah Hope Children’s Home

MPA Charity Run Fund Raising Campaign raised over RM50,000 for the home

Enhancing the Scholar Experience
It is a true privilege to be able to attend University. Not only for the purpose of obtaining a degree at the end of your course but also hopefully to take away with you, valuable life experiences that you will treasure for the rest of your life. The Scholars Development Programme (SDP) endeavours to enhance the scholar experience and your time at University as well as encourage a healthy, balanced university life through an array of social activities and networking events for scholars to meet, mingle, and have fun.
Hello Scholars!
Scholar’s Welcome Parties are organised by the Scholars Leadership Team at the beginning of each intake for new freshmen to meet and mingle with senior scholars and scholars from other schools as well as familiarizing themselves with the Scholars Development Programme. You can expect a fun-filled evening with ice-breakers, performances by various clubs, light refreshments and some dancing at the end to top it off. This is a scholar’s event that is not to be missed. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes.

Scholar's Annual Gala
The highlight of any scholar’s social calendar is the Scholar’s Annual Gala. Organised by a committee guided by the Scholars Leadership Team, this highly anticipated event is to celebrate and recognise the contributions of all scholars to the Scholars Development Programme. Depending on the creativity and ambitiousness of that year’s organising committee, the Scholar’s Annual Gala may be in the form of a formal dinner or themed party or perhaps even a day out. The main programme of the gala is the presentation of The Scholars of The Year Award to the Top 10 most outstanding scholars, as well as to bid farewell to the exiting Scholar Leadership Team and welcome the new.

Fit & Fun
The Scholar’s Annual Sports Day is organised by the Scholars Leadership Team for a day out away from the text books to get some fresh air into your lungs and a whopping dose of vitamin D. There are no two Annual Sports Days which are alike, but you’re sure to have some fun and get your adrenaline pumping in some kind of sport either throwing or kicking a ball around. Exclusive t-shirts and medals may be up for grabs and of course there will be light refreshments to refuel your depleted energy levels. Even if you’re not the sporty type, it’s a great opportunity to get some sun and cheer your fellow scholars along. Remember to wear sunscreen.

Captain Ball

“Quidditch” scholars-style!

Testimonials from Scholars
Lam Jo Yee
Taylor’s Business School
TBS Excellence Award 2014

“The Scholars Development Programme (SDP) has been a life-changing opportunity for me because through this programme, I have learned to be stronger yet humble, to be self-reliant yet be a team player and most importantly, to be independent yet have met amazing friends and fellow scholars who will always have my back. The SDP has opened many windows of opportunity for me and has given me the courage and belief that I can go on to achieve greater heights. So for me, the SDP has been a journey of learning, networking and achieving.”
Natasha Anne Fernandez
School of Biosciences
National Scholarship 2012

“I participated in numerous activities, and therefore I was exposed to different working experiences that required me to work in a team. Through all these events, I slowly built up my cofidence. In the end, it’s not about fulfilling the scholar hours but the experience and the memories that you gain that make the programme worthwhile. The best part of the programme? I've grown to being ME!”
Ti Deng Jay
School of Computing & IT
Tertiary Merit Scholarship 2014

“The Mentoring Programme is one of the best programmes that I have ever signed up for. As you’re really working as a staff in the outside world, you’re able to acquire many life experiences. You’re not only mentored by your assigned mentor, but by the whole department as well. This programme helps develop your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. And I’m glad that I get to apply the skills and knowledge that I’ve learnt in class, in the department that I’m assigned to.”
Desmond Chiah
School of Engineering
Tertiary Merit Scholarship 2012

“I appreciate that this window of opportunity, being the Scholars Development Programme, was open to me since the first year of my uni life at Taylor’s University. I was privileged to be able to lead and serve alongside passionate and dedicated comrades who were committed to improving the lives of fellow peers. I am truly thankful for the friendships forged and the memories made through the SDP.”