Mobility Programmes

Annual Mobility Programs: Language Summer Camp
Language Summer Camp is part of Taylor’s Centre for Language mobility program and is a collaboration between Taylor’s University Global Mobility department and its partner universities. These camps are offered annually to partner universities and provide participants an educational-travel-overseas for students to experience the rich Malaysian culture and learn English in a communicative way.

Currently, Taylor’s Centre for Languages are in collaboration with Hansung University From South Korea and Bangkok University from Thailand. The duration of the camp is about three to four weeks. The participants attend language lessons on weekdays and interesting trips are planned for them on weekends. Several activities you could look forward to are:
  • Various out-of-class activities for English lessons, language games and social engagements on campus.
  • Field trips to famous landmarks in Klang Valley & a homestay experience in Melaka.
  • Producing a short drama or sketch by incorporating different language and culture learned.
  • Producing a multimedia presentation which incorporates skilled language.
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