What is TOEFL® iBT?
The TOEFL® iBT is the English exam for entry into American Universities. Most universities request a score of 80-100 out of 120. The exam is set by the American Educational Testing Service (ETS) and consists of four parts:
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
Sections of the test require you to use multiple skills. In addition there is a strong emphasis on note-taking.

Intakes: Every month (March – October)
Class: Every Saturday
Duration: 16 hours

Why TOEFL® iBT at Taylor's Centre for Languages?
Our 16-hour workshop can be completed in 1 month. The iBT exam is computer based, thus your lessons will take place in an English language computer lab equipped with the official TOEFL software imported from the US. This will ensure realistic training that closely simulates the real exam.

Our teachers are not only experts in English exams but they are also fully qualified in IT. Your ability to use and get the most out of the software during the exam will give you an invaluable advantage!

We will not only guide you in examination techniques, but also on the subjects that are likely to come up. Our library also features TOEFL exam books and CDs that can be used without a computer.

Besides official software and materials you will be exposed to, we have also developed our own l in-house material to give you the best possible chance of succeeding in the exam.

  • You will have the time management skills required to pass the exam
  • You will learn the relevant strategies to score well in all the components
  • You will know how to write effectively and efficiently under exam conditions
  • You will be trained to complete the internet based test hence enhancing familiarization with the actual examination
  • You will know your score based on the mock test results
  • You will have an action-plan to maximize that score
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