Engineered for facing bigger and tougher challenges in life, our School of Engineering offers an immersive education that puts students’ knowledge and skills to test while being part of the prestigious CDIOTM Initiative pioneered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

During this one-year foundation programme, students are exposed to a dynamic environment where they are challenged to put their skills and knowledge to test through hands-on experiments. Students are encouraged to develop strong cognitive functions, soft skills and analytical capabilities in order to be confident independent learners who are able to cope with our intensive Engineering degree.
We understand that it is important for both educators and students to keep pace with advancements made in the scientific world. At Taylor’s University, students of all levels can attend talks and workshops led by local and international academicians as well as industry experts.


State-of-the-art Facilities
  • Acquire practical skills with our science laboratories that are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation.
  • Experience learning supported by modern technology, such as lecture capture, and various online tools.
Balanced Learning Environment
  • Opportunity to acquire and demonstrate discipline specific knowledge, cognitive capabilities and soft skills.
  • A balanced assessment method, whereby 50% of the evaluation is allocated to various continuous assessments such as quizzes, class tests, projects and oral presentations while the remaining 50% to the final exam.
From Theory to Application
  • Holistic learning approach through the Integrated Science Project (ISP), which implements research skills and scientific concepts and balances learning outcomes with hands-on experimentation.
  • Cultivate independent and confident learners through continuous assessments which encompass public speaking, group work and creativity.
Conducive Learning Environment
  • Same access to the University’s facilities as undergraduate and postgraduate students, and able to contribute equally to the campus community.
  • Exposure to latest developments in science and technology through workshops and talks by local and international academicians and industry leaders.
Reliable Support System
  • First Year Experience (FYE) initiatives, such as motivational talks and peer-assisted study sessions, provide students the much-needed support to adjust to university life and excel in academic and extra-curricular activities.
Semester 1
  • English I
  • Cell Biology
  • Chemistry I
  • Mathematics
  • Physics I
Semester 2
  • English II
  • Human Biology
  • Chemistry II
  • Calculus
  • Physics II
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