KPT/JPS (R/812/6/0072) (A9388) 11/18
Licence 3 Géographie Aménagement – Management et Ingénierie des Industries du Tourisme

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The travel & recreation management programme is designed to produce professionals in the field who possess functional, creative and interpersonal skills applicable to the industry.

Bachelor of International Tourism Management graduates will be able to contribute to the growth and continuous improvement of the international tourism industry by applying tactical and strategic planning capabilities. This tourism management programme equips students with knowledge in business, communication, tourism, culture and arts, environmental and professional studies. A passion for travel, culture and recreation is essential for students who wish to pursue this degree.


Specialised Tourism Skills
  • Blending theory and practice to develop specialist skills such as tour planning, packaging and operations, destination marketing, arts and culture, and tourist behaviour.

Exposure to Business and Communication
  • Cultivate business-minded graduates through exposure to business management modules such as Accounting, HRM, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.
  • Opportunity to learn at least three languages such as French, Japanese, Spanish or Korean.

Industry-Ready Graduates
  • Exposure to up-and-coming fields within the industry such as Spa Management, Integrated Resort Management, Ecotourism, etc.
  • Opportunity to plan and organise 3 tours (domestic and international).
  • Regular field trips and industry visits to travel and recreation establishments.

Real-World Experience
  • Internship in Year 2 and 3 (25 weeks) to develop supervisory and management skills.
  • Opportunity to embark on a fast-track employment programme (Empowering Leaders Into Industry for Tourism & Events - ELITE) for selected students.

International Study Opportunity
  • Final-year students have the opportunity to participate in the International Student Mobility Programme that includes seminars, workshops and study trips to discover various forms of tourism.
  • Opportunity for a semester abroad with credit transfer to United Kingdom, Finland, France, Switzerland, South Korea or Netherlands.
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Career Options
  • Advertising & Promotions Manager
  • Destination Brand Manager
  • Destination Development Specialist
  • Incentive Specialist
  • Recreation Entrepreneur
  • Sports & Recreation Manager
  • Tour Manager
  • Tourism Officer
  • Tourism Planner
  • Tourist Bureau Manager
  • Travel Agency Manager
  • Travel Consultant
  • Travel Journalist
  • Travel Retail Management
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