KPT/JPS ( R/811/6/0300 ) (MQA/FA 0187 ) 03 / 21
This Bachelor of Science programme equips students with knowledge and skills in food product development, grooming them to be a part of the ready-made and processed foods industry. In collaboration with the Halal Industry Development Corporation Malaysia (HDC), students are also given the opportunity to learn about Halal food industry.

The curriculum focuses on four core areas: culinary arts, food science, food technology, and research and development. Culinology® students are equipped with the latest technology and training in culinary and food science, allowing them to work on innovative and creative approaches in food product development.


Professionally Recognised
  • Accreditation by the Research Chefs Association (RCA), USA entitles graduates to membership benefits and access to a professional network.

Comprehensive Course Structure
  • Hands-on programme that covers kitchen practical, laboratory practical and R&D.
  • Equipped to develop ideas and concepts to fit existing and new markets; elaborate on recipes and protocols encompassing mass production concerns; and the ability to measure, monitor and control food quality and product acceptance.
  • Opportunity to learn about Halal food via elective modules such as Halal Food Product Development, which have been developed in collaboration with the Halal Industry Development Corporation Malaysia (HDC).

Strong Emphasis on R&D
  • Explore the generation of new ideas, preparation of various prototypes, evaluation of customer acceptance and elaboration of a final formulation (recipe).
  • The opportunity to fully design a food product from its inception to marketing of the product.
  • Opportunity to attend a Culinology® conference in USA as part of the R&D Professional Development Project offered as a Year 3 elective subject.

Real-World Experience
  • 12-week internship in Year 2, to develop supervisory skills in the various areas of a centralised or mass production kitchen (planning production, quality control and hygiene standard and elaboration of new menu).
  • 15-week internship in Year 3, to participate in the research and development aspect (market study conceptualisation of new product, testing of recipes in production line).
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Career Options
  • Chef Consultant
  • Corporate Executive Chef
  • Culinary Research Technologist
  • Food Quality Manager
  • Formulation Chef
  • Hygiene Consultant
  • Product Assurance/Development Manager
  • Research & Development Chef
  • Research & Development Manager
  • Sensorial Analysis Manager
  • Test Kitchen Chef
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