In preparing students for the increasingly challenging and complex hospitality, tourism and culinary industry, the School has put in place world-class facilities designed and built to stimulate the actual working environment of leading establishments.
  • 84-room hotel (Ruemz Hotel)
  • 3 Front Office Reception Rooms
  • Hotel Suites
  • Wine Laboratory
  • 9 Restaurants (including 3 fine dining restaurants, 3 specialised training restaurants, 1 Asian restaurant, 1 lifestyle restaurant and 1 multiservice restaurant)
  • 13 Culinary Suites (encompassing 10 kitchens, 1 garde manger kitchen, 1 chocolate room and 1 artist kitchen)
  • Manifestation Culinary Bar Theatre
  • Tourism Practical Rooms
  • Events Projects Room
  • CRiT (Centre for Research and Innovation in Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies)
  • Chemistry Lab and Food Science Lab

Take a virtual tour on some of the locations above and witness our state-of-the art facilities.