A Semester in Melbourne – Taylor’s Students on Exchange at RMIT in Australia

Taylor’s University offers a wide range of international mobility opportunities and two students have just spent a semester on exchange at RMIT in Melbourne.

Two students, Pearl Tan and Keyee Yap, have spent a semester on exchange at RMIT University in Melbourne. “We heard about the opportunity to study overseas and one of the other students we knew had been to Brisbane, and so we thought why not?” they said.

Neither of them had ever visited or lived in Australia before, and so this was a big step. Both of them happen to be from the School of Biosciences (SBS), and are studying for the Bachelor of Science (Food Science with Nutrition) and they were encouraged by their School to spend a semester overseas.

Reflecting on their semester abroad experience, Pearl commented, “I have also been able to take an elective subject in a different area, and this semester I have been learning about marketing – it’s been a great experience, broadening my horizon and interacting with non-science students”. Keyee commented that, “I think we have both realised how ‘spoon-fed’ we have been in the Malaysian education system”.

Australian students have far less contact-hours that Malaysians get, adding that, “we are expected to do more study on our own, and at first we found it really challenging - but the academic staff have been very friendly and very supportive”. The students also got to experience slice of student life in Australia, and have both been living off-campus in students’ accommodation sharing with Australian students.

They both noted that one of the great thing about Melbourne is the public transport, which allows you to easily get around without a car. Pearl also said that the experience, “has also made us reflect on things back at home – and made us wonder why we do things in certain ways and why Australians do things differently”, with Keyee adding that, “all in all its been great experience and we’d encourage other Taylor’s students to do this”.

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