“Are We Trying to Look Forward by Being Rear-Mirror Focused?” Asks Taylor’s Professor at IFT in Macau

The rapid changes in technology are already bringing significant changes, and in looking to the future many industries will need to re-vision and re-deign their businesses looking how they can best use their staff. Prof Perry Hobson was recently invited to give his view at the Institute for Tourism Studies in Macau.

Dr Fanny Vong, the President of the Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) in Macau (SAR-China), recently invited Professor Perry Hobson, the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Global Engagement (PVC-GE) at Taylor’s University, to deliver a Guest Lecture on “Looking to the Future – Five Trends that are Shaping the Industry” to the staff of IFT. His presentation was focused on the future of education and training for the hospitality and tourism industries. Prof Perry Hobson made the point that “in looking to the future, my concern is that we are still being too rear-mirror focused with our curriculum. We are concentrating too much on where we have come from, rather than looking at where the industry is going”. He went onto add that, “predictions show that many jobs will be taken over by technology and robots”. Student in the future will need to have a different skill-set and be able to do things that computers simply cannot do - or will be able to do well. “Forget the check-in jobs at airports and hotels – those jobs have gone or are going” he remarked, going onto add that “we now have the opportunity to put the ‘hospitality’ back into the ‘hospitality industry’ and to move our staff away from repetitive jobs asking guests inane questions. Once again, we can allow our staff to be hosts, welcoming and looking after guests – rather than being concerned with processes”. IFT was originally established by the government of Macau in 1995 as an institution dedicated to offering education and training for the hospitality and tourism industries. Both IFT and Taylor’s University have been ranked as ‘Top 30’ global institutions in the 2017 QS World Subject Rankings for Hospitality and Leisure, and both institutions are now looking to establishing a range of reciprocal student mobility programmes. To find out more about the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts at Taylor’s University click hereGlobal Matters (2017)