ATRA Contributes to Development of ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan

The ASEAN Tourism Research Association (ATRA) network was founded at Taylor's University (click here for more details). The Secretariat remains based at Taylor's University, and the ATRA network has steadily grown and now includes institutional members from every ASEAN country (such as Lyceum University of the Philippines, Prince of Songkla University in Thailand, etc).

Due to its ASEAN-wide membership, ATRA was formally invited to participate in the 4th ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan 2016-2025 workshop that was recently held in Bali. Developing a strategic plan for tourism is presenting some very significant challenges, particularly given the human resource and infrastructure issues being faced by the ASEAN Community (AC). The focus of the forthcoming ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan is to encourage and harmonise the development of tourism in a sustainable manner within the AC and this 4th meeting was specifically organized to finalise the Draft Plan (click here for more details).

Particular emphasis was placed on the important role that ATRA and ASEAN universities can play in providing support to the AC in regards to tourism research, human capital development and raising service standards. Drawing on the vast expertise contained within the Taylor's School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts, Datuk Seri Prof. Dr. Victor Wee (in his capacity as an Advisor to ATRA), and Dr. Frederic Bouchon (in his capacity as ATRA Treasurer) represented the ATRA network at this workshop. To find out more about the ATRA research network contact Dr Frederic Bouchon

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