Breaking through social barriers with Taylor's Racing Team

Taylor’s Racing Team’s Farah Danial (Chief Engineer and Lead Driver), Eric Lim Yong Khang (Head, Suspension & Control), and Chong Jae-Sonn (Business Leader) were interviewed by NTV 7 newscaster, Ms. Sabrina Zainal for NTV 7 news program, 7 Edition, on the topic of “Breaking through social barriers.”

Farah shared her passion for racing, her experience as lead driver and lead engineer for Taylor’s Racing Team (TRT), and aspirations and hope for her future after graduation. Farah also described the hurdles that she had to go through and how she overcame them as a woman in a male dominated sport and career choice. She shared how the continuous support from her parents, the Acting Dean of Taylor’s School of Engineering and her Taylor’s racing team members, who are mostly male, increased her confident and drive to succeed in car racing and in her career in Engineering. Eric shared the process of designing up to assembling and maintaining the team’s racing cars using the CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement, and Operate) concept, whilst Jae-Sonn shared how the team managed the business aspect, such as obtaining sponsorship.