" The Changing Value of the University Campus ”: Taylor’s Professor Speaks About How the Taylor’s Lakeside Campus Re-Defined The Student Experience

Professor Perry Hobson was invited to speak at EduTECH Asia about the Taylor’s University Lakeside campus, and how it re-defined the role of the urban university campus in Malaysia.

Prof Perry Hobson at EduTECH Asia in Singapore, 2017
Technology is changing the way we live, work and learn. It is also having a profound impact for educators and academics on how we teach, where we teach and what we teach. This was the focus of the conference and the topics that were discussed, debated and workshopped at EduTECH Asia 2017 in Singapore by over 3,000 delegates.

The conference and exhibition covers schools, vocational and higher education and offered 28 hands-on workshops on a variety of topics such as: blended learning, gamification, flipped classroom, coding, entrepreneurship, robotics, inclusion, digital storytelling, design thinking, change management, google apps, and team based learning.  Professor Perry Hobson, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement at Taylor’s University, was invited to speak and to be the track leader for the “Tertiary Leaders Forum” within the conference.

Given that the Taylor’s University Lakeside campus re-defined the on-campus experience in Malaysia when it was opened in 2010, Professor Hobson spoke about “The changing value of the university campus as part of the student experience”. As he noted, “The development of our iconic campus, transformed the learning experience. Yet, with the addition of blended learning - students can and do learn anywhere, and at any time. So lectures are no longer the only perceived ‘value’ of coming to the campus” adding that, ”We are continuing to transform the learning experience and the value of it to students, with the additional of 29 new X-Space classrooms and social learning spaces such as our E-Quariums”.

The Tertiary Leader Track offered a wealth of thought provoking presentations. The other presenters included Dr Kian Ng, from Nanyang Polytechnic (Singapore) who focused on “Neurotechnology - how can it change the way you teach”, as well as Dr Kevin Yap, from the Department of Pharmacy, National University of Singapore (NUS) who talked about the development of “Gamifying the learning of 21st century skills” and their development of games for training pharmacists.

Meanwhile, Professor Ana Hol from Western Sydney University (Australia), spoke about the use of “Immersive technologies in tertiary STEM education” and Professor Romy Lawson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Education, Murdoch University (Australia), explored the challenges of “Talent management and succession planning in tertiary education”.  Prof Hobson said, “It was a dynamic and interesting series of presentations, challenging the way we have done things”.

Earlier this year, Prof Hobson was also the Chair of the “Education in ASEAN” session at the EduTECH Philippines 2017 event.  Ahead of this year’s conference in Singapore, Taylor’s also hosted an EduTECH Asia ‘Meet-up’ at the Lakeside campus - (Global Matters, 2018)