Global Business : Students from DHBW in Germany Explore the Realistic Challenges of International Expansion Strategies During a Taylor’s Summer School

A group of students from DHBW in Karlsruhe in Germany spent two-weeks at Taylor’s University gaining insights into the challenges for business when looking at expanding overseas.

DHBW students with Prof Jonathan Winterton at the Taylor’s Lakeside Campus
Following on from the success of the 2016 ‘Summer Business School’, a second group of students from the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Germany came to Taylor’s University (TU).
The main focus of this international study tour was the issues, opportunities and challenges of ‘going global’ and expanding a firm’s business overseas. Companies are faced with various challenges as they contemplate overseas distribution centres, establishing subsidiaries and/or manufacturing plants. As a “Duale Hochschule” DBHW offers a unique form of education in Germany. The courses they offer all integrate on-the-job training and academic studies into the degree programme. Typically, students study for 6-months and then work for a sponsoring company for the other 6-months.
With 9-campuses, DHBW currently has some 34,000 enrolled students with over 9,000 partner companies. During the immersive 2-week programme, the students programme combined a series of on-campus lectures with visits to companies. These included Sime Darby Plantation Academy (SDPA) and the Mercedes-Malaysia ‘Training Academy’.  They heard about the issues relating to training the dealers in their network across the country, as well as motivating the mechanics who work on Mercedes cars.
During their stay, the students also met with the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry to hear about the issues facing German companies operating in Malaysia.
Professor Thomas Haalboom, the accompanying lecturer from DHBW was impressed that TU had done so much “for the preparation of our meetings, lectures and events”. One of the students said, “It was a good experience to see how a university in Asia delivers its lectures. The campus was also really impressive, but the most fascinating impression was how all the kinds of people from different cultures work together. Thank you for this opportunity”!  To find out more about the TU summer school and short-term mobility programmes click here  - (Global Matters 2017)