“Herzlich Willkommen” Says Former German Exchange Student at Taylor’s - Who Urges Malaysians to Study in Bavaria

Janina Raiser spent a semester on exchange at Taylor’s University, and wants to encourage more Taylor’s students to exchange to her home university in Ingolstadt in Southern Germany.

Jaina Raiser ready to hit the ski slopes in Germany
Janina Raiser came to Taylor’s University as an exchange student from the Technical University Ingolstadt (THi) in Bavaria, southern Germany. A year after she got back home, she said that, “I still love to think back about my semester abroad at Taylor’s and all the great memories I have” adding that, she would love to share her country with all the Malaysians who hosted her and gave her such a great experience during her semester in KL. She agreed that while most Malaysians have never heard of Ingolstadt – many have heard of Audi cars, which has its headquarters in the city. As she points out, “Ingolstadt is in a great location, and it’s so easy to explore different cities in Bavaria such as Munich or Nuremberg, which are only an hour train ride away”.  Germans, like Malaysia are fanatical about football, and it’s also very easy and affordable (compared to the UK clubs) to get tickets to see a game. Unlike Malaysia, the weather in Germany offers four very distinct seasons, but as she notes, “It doesn’t matter if you come during the winter or in the summer time, as both semesters will offer really great but different experiences. In the summer, we have a lot of clear lakes in Bavaria where you can go for a swim or boating - and there are also nice parks in the city. And in the winter, the mountains are close enough for a one day trip or longer where you can go hiking or even try skiing”. Reflecting on her time at TU she said, “the university was really supportive throughout my whole stay, and it really helped a lot that we had different welcome events only for exchange students but also events for everyone, and I was able to join several clubs to get to know people quickly”. Since getting back to Germany, she said that has looked into what they have on offer for incoming exchange students, and said “my university offers a buddy program for exchange students so Taylor’s students will be able to direct get in contact with locals. Our THi International Office also offers a welcome week, and you are able to join different clubs here on campus. I personally found that was great way to meet people”. So why choose to spend a semester living in Ingolstadt? “As she said, “Unlike KL, it is not a big city, but with 135.000 inhabitants it’s also not too small either” adding that, “as most of our student accommodation is in the city centre, so the only thing you need to do is jump on a bicycle and you can go everywhere you want pretty quickly”. And one of the most important reasons for a Malaysian to study in Germany is – to try the food! As Janina said, “I am just sure Malaysians will love our breads, just go to a bakery and you will find all kinds of different bread and really delicious Prezels. Also, you should definitely try some of our wurst (sausages), the schnitzel (breaded meat) and even our Knödel (dumpling). And last but not least……….German chocolate is the best!!”. To find out more about spending a semester at THi in Germany, or with our other 150+ other Global Mobility partners universities click here – (Global Matters 2017)