Industrial Revolution 4.0 – Also a Challenge for the Tourism Industry Argues Taylor’s Professor at the 4th ICFE Conference in Vietnam

Professor Perry Hobson was an invited to be a Keynote speaker at the International Conference on Finance and Economics at Tun Duc Thang University in Ho Chi Minh City

Prof Perry Hobson, PVC-GE at the ICFE 2017 Conference Vietnam
“While there has been much talk about the coming 4th Industrial Revolution and its impact on manufacturing, there has been little discussion about the further integration of technology and the ‘Internet of Things’ on the service industries” argued Professor Perry Hobson, the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Global Engagement at Taylor’s University, during his keynote at the 4th International Conference on Finance & Economics (ICFE).  The conference was held at Tun Duc Thang University in Vietnam and his speech was titled “Tourism Industry 4.0: The Need for Innovation”. He focused his comments on the impacts on the hotel and tourism industries, of what is sometimes simply termed “Industry 4.0”. During his ICFE 2017 presentation, he went onto point out that, “The arrival of new technologies, inter-connectivity and innovation has already brought considerable disruption to the hotel and tourism industries. But more is to come”. He also added that, “Technology has already brought disruption that has resulted in new entrants like Airbnb becoming bigger than any global hotel chain. The seismic shift away from commodity provision by large ‘same-same’ hotel chains to customised experiences is a revolution the hotel industry is still grappling with”. He further pointed out that, “As we look to the coming 4.0 revolution, we also have to consider what the ‘Internet of Things’ will mean for the future operations of the hotel and tourism industries”. The other international keynote speakers included Prof Ji-Chai Lin from Hong Kong Polytechnic University (SAR-China), Prof Kun-Huang Huarng, Feng Chia University (Taiwan), and Prof Juraj Sipko from Institute of Economic Research (Slovak Republic). Tun Duc Thang University (TDTU) is a young progressive, research-informed and internationally-minded university. TDTU was the first Vietnamese university to achieve QS 3-Stars in 2015, and they were also recently ranked #4 in Vietnam for both their research output in Scopus and for total publications in ISI journals. Taylor’s University, recently signing an ASEAN dual degree pathway in hospitality with TDTU for Vietnamese students, enabling them to study and get degrees from both universities - (Global Matters 2017).