Italian Design and Architecture - Ambassador Opens Event at Taylor’s University

The theme of the 16th Italian Week was “Italian creativity” and as part of the activities Taylor’s University was pleased to host an ‘Italian Design’ event at the Lakeside Campus

Italy is well known for not only its food and fashion brands, but also for the innovation of its design and architecture. The Vice Chancellor of Taylor’s University, Professor Michael Driscoll, was pleased to welcome His Excellency Mario Sammartino, the Ambassador of Italy, to open the Italian Design Seminar. Every year the Italian government supports an international ‘Italian Week’ and the focus of this event supported this year’s theme “Italian and creativity: brands and costumes, fashion and design”.

The seminar opened with presentation given by Professor Robert Powell from the Taylor’s School Architecture, Building and Design. Taking the theme “From Cortona to Kuala Lumpur” he looked at the influence of Italian design and architecture has had in Asia. His presentation was then followed by a number of Italian architects and designers, as well as from Malaysian who work with Italians, who came especially for this event. First to present was Arch. Alessandro Ciarpella, who focused on “The reasons for success of Italian Interior Design”. His presentation was followed by Arch. Paolo Cucchi who looked at the issue of “Glocal: the reality to deal with as an architect”. Then Dr. Cha Rhan See of PLANMalaysia looked at the issues relating to “Urban design”, and his presentation was followed by a local architect Nazlan Baharudin of Akitek Rekabina Sdn Bhd who looked at “AR:BA design - A right brain collaboration”. The final topics relating to the use of specific materials and were given by Dr. Matteo Lelli of Maccaferri Asia “Steel and Stones – Architectural & Environmental-Friendly Applications” and Dr. Fabbri of Soluzioni Pte. Ltd. Who looked at “Wood Skin: Redefining wood possibilities”.

Ernesto Carlos Patron, Head of the Taylor’s Design School (TDS), commented that, “It was a great pleasure to work closely with the Italian Embassy, as we are looking forward to host more intercultural event at TDS”. Dr Paolo Mura, an Italian member of staff at Taylor’s University, added that, “it was great to attend this event and experience Italian creativity in art and design. I hope similar events will be organised by Taylor’s University and the Italian embassy in the future”.

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