Japanese Students Learn the Fundamentals of Science Education in Malaysia at Taylor’s University

Taylor’s University School of Education recently welcomed a team of 15 students and a teacher from Seiko Gakuin High School from Yokohama, Japan at its Lakeside Campus. The objective of the visit was to understand the nature of science education in countries outside of Japan.
Seiko Gakuin High School was awarded the designation of Super Science Higher School (or known as SSH) by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to upper secondary schools that prioritise science, technology, and mathematics in their curriculum. The programme was launched as part of its ‘Science Literacy Enhancement Initiatives’, where schools with this status receive increased funding and are encouraged to develop links between universities and other academic institutions, both local and overseas. During their visit, Seiko Gakuin High School students and teacher attended a workshop titled, ‘Science Education in Malaysia’ by Dr. Jasmine Jain, senior lecturer, Taylor’s University School of Education.
“The workshop was interesting for many of them as they get to understand science education from a Malaysian perspective,” said Dr. Jasmine. “Besides focusing on how science is taught in Malaysia, the workshop also dealt with the understanding of few scientific concepts – like the magnetic field, the nature of theory, as well as gravitational law. A few of them came up to me after the workshop, thanking me for debunking myths they had about science!” She added that the workshop was insightful for her too, as she saw that even the Japanese students hold similar misconceptions as Malaysian students in those areas of science.
The visitors then were treated to a tour around the Lakeside Campus and viewed the science laboratory facilities. Since partnering with Seiko Gakuin High School, Taylor’s University School of Education successfully referred eight student teachers to the high school in Japan for their industry placements.

A group photo with the high school students from Seiko Gakuin High School from Yokohama at Taylor’s University recently.