“Kazakhstan Rising” – Taylor’s Professor Speaks at Entrepreneurship Education Forum at AlmaU

As a way of diversifying the economies of Central Asia, a Forum on ‘Entrepreneurship Education in Rising Societies’ was organised Almaty Management University in Kazakhstan. 

(L-R): Ms. A. Kurmantayeva, Dr. A. Kirillova, Dr. F. Bouchon, Dr. A. Sadenova

Associate Professor Frederic Bouchon, the head of Global Academic Collaborations at Taylor’s University (TU), recently spoke at the ‘Entrepreneurship Education in Rising Societies Forum 2017’ that was organised by Almaty Management University (AlmaU) in Kazakhstan. The other invited international speakers came from Singapore Management University (SMU), as well as Babson College of Entrepreneurship and Stanford University in the USA.  Dr Frederic Bouchon was invited to speak on the ‘Importance of Entrepreneurship Education and Tourism Development’   SMEs are seen as one of the main agents of change and innovation and most of the discussions during the Forum revolved around solutions to diversify, and modernize the Kazak economy, (which is currently highly dependent on oil and gas). Dr Frederic Bouchon pointed out that “Tourism is often evoked as a way to change the economic situation but most agreed that there’s little expertise in this field in Kazakhstan”.  This Forum was also used to celebrate the opening of AlmaU’s new building. This building highlights the growth of the institution since becoming a university, and encapsulates the emphasis on entrepreneurship as the main pillar of business education at AlmaU. Furthermore, the introduction of new innovative teaching techniques will see the university move-away from the traditional teacher-centric approaches. AlmaU’s AMBA accreditation was also highlighted, since it is the only institution in Central Asia fully accredited by this UK-based global body. Taylor’s University and AlmaU are engaged in various activities such as short-term mobility of students and research. Their Rector, Professor Almagul Kanagatova, has visited Taylor’s University on several occasions. Taylor’s University is also well-connected with the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Malaysia  as we have many Kazak students studying at the Lakeside campus - (Global Matters 2017)