“No More Same, Same” Says Taylor’s Professor to Students at Far Eastern University in Manila

In a world of increasing customisation, hotel chains that continue to serve up the same standarised product are going to face an uncertain future argued Professor Perry Hobson.

Prof Hobson with staff at Far Eastern University in The Philippines
Professor Perry Hobson, the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement at Taylor’s University, was invited to speak to some 400 hospitality students during a recent visit to Far Eastern University (FEU) in Manila. The focus of his presentation was on how in a world of increasing customisation, that the ‘same-same’ hotel designs, layouts and operating procedures were not what today’s guests were after. As Prof Hobson noted, “people now want to feel that they have been somewhere. Why travel and stay in a hotel that is exactly the same as the one back at home? As he went to point out, “It was Holiday Inn who pioneered the concept of the standard hotel room back in 1952, but sadly all that the industry has done is build millions of same-same hotel rooms, essentially making one hotel brand identical to another”.
FEU has a well-established Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management which has over 6,000 enrolled students. FEU’s staff and students have visited Taylor’s University on many occasions, and participated in the Third PATA International Youth Forum that was held at the Lakeside campus in 2015. Both institutions also co-operated in the Malaysia-Philippines Bilateral Tourism Youth Exchange in 2016. This programme was developed to encourage a better understanding of tourism issues within the ASEAN region, and has been jointly piloted by the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC) and the Philippines Department of Tourism (PDOT).
In addition, three academic staff from FEU (including one from the Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management) are currently enrolled to complete their PhD degrees through FEU. Furthermore, FEU will also be hosting for the 7th Asia-Euro Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy Conference in 2018. This is a conference series that was started as an initiative of the Faculty of Hospitality, Food and Leisure at TU. Both universities are members of THE-ICE accreditation body.   Earlier in the year, Prof Hobson also spoke at FEU on the topic of “Careers in Tourism and Hotel Management – An International Perspective” and he was pleased to have been invited back.  For more information on the Faculty of Hospitality, Food and Leisure at TU click here - (Global Matters 2017)