“Part of the Team” Hong Kong Students Intern at Taylor’s University

Two students look back on their internship experience at Taylor’s University’s Global Mobility Office under the ‘ASEAN Internship for University Students of Hong Kong Scheme’.

Elinor Wong Sze Man from Lingnan Univ and Ryan Chan Wai Yat from Hong Kong Baptist Univ
The Global Mobility Office (GMO) at Taylor’s University has hosted its third pair of students from Hong Kong (SAR-China) under the ‘ASEAN Internship for University Students of Hong Kong Scheme’. The idea behind this particular programme is to enhance bilateral relations between Hong Kong and ASEAN member countries. Elinor Wong Sze Man from Lingnan University, and Ryan Chan Wai Yat from Hong Kong Baptist University, were selected to undertake an internship at TU. The students not only learnt about the day-to-day operations of the GMO office, but also worked on a number of specific tasks and had the opportunity to experience first-hand Malaysian work culture. Apart from day to day administrative work, the interns also had the opportunity to interact and network with other International students who were studying as part of one of the Taylor’s ‘Summer School’ programmes. Reflecting on their overall internship experience, Ryan said, “this has truly been an unforgettable month for me working in KL. As an intern in the Global Mobility Office, I started to get a grasp of how student exchanges work. One of the more interesting projects I got involved with was on re-writing the booklet for the ‘summer school’ students. The booklet outlines all the important information that students need to know. I understand from my previous experience as an international student in the UK how useful this booklet can serve to relieve students’ anxiety”. He also had the opportunity to meet and greet students enrolled on the ‘Summer School’ programme. “Our trips to Kuala Lumpur City Centre and Malacca were full of joy and laughter” he said, adding that, “I’ve got to make new friends and understand others’ cultures along the way - for which I am grateful”.  Elinor commented that. “Through the ASEAN Internship Scheme for Hong Kong Higher Education Students, I gained a much deeper understanding of the working culture in Malaysia and the administrative-side of how university’s work. I have also been exposed to the local culture. As a second-year student majoring in translation, it was a rare chance for me to work in this field, and I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Taylor’s for the possibility”. For more information about Global Mobility at Taylor’s University click here - (Global Matters 2017).