In The Same Frame - Taylor's University Students Meet Up with British University of Vietnam Students in Hanoi

The Taylor’s Education Group is a diversified education organisation that includes schools, a college and two universities, and during a recent study tour to Hanoi a group of students from Taylor’s University met up with their counterparts from British University of Vietnam (BuV).


It was during a recent study tour to Hanoi that students from Taylor’s University in Kuala Lumpur met up with their counterpart students at the British University of Vietnam (BuV). The Taylor’s Education Group (TEG) is a diversified international education organisation that includes schools (such as the Garden International School in KL, Nexus in Putrajaya and Singapore, the Australian Int’l School Malaysia, etc.) as well as Taylor’s College and the British University of Vietnam.

Students from the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts at Taylor’s University recently organised a tour to the northern parts of Vietnam. Taylor’s Lecturer Lee Wei Mei said the tour was one of their main assignments, as the “students had to propose and select a destination, plan the tour duration and departure date” adding that, “they also had to plan the itinerary, contact suppliers for quotations, followed by selecting the right tour operator, working within the given budget of RM1,400 per person and finally booking and making a contract with the supplier”.

During the tour the students also spent a day at the British University of Vietnam (BuV) where they were welcomed by the Dean of BuV, Mr. Christopher Jeffery, and their Student Experience Manager, Ms. Ta Ha Lan. Students from both universities presented aspects of their own culture including traditional costumes, cuisines, language, lifestyle and the tourist attractions of each country. Lee Mei Mei added, “All of our students wore different traditional costumes from Malaysia, and then our two Maldivian students were also wore their own Maldivian costumes”.

As part of the tour, the students also have to be tour guides, and then have to also interview other tourists about their experiences in Vietnam. Students Justine Ngu Wee Chee and Chai Yun Jiet took on the role of tour guides for one part of the trip. Although it was Ngu’s first time travelling abroad, he said that “This was an eye-opening experience for me. I am an introvert by nature, but I have learnt to speak up more in the course of my study” adding that, “In tourism, it is a requirement to communicate and build relationships and this experience has trained me to talk and overcome my shyness,” Ngu said. This tour was highlighted in a Star newspaper article entitled a ‘Study Tour to Remember’.

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