See Australia - Spend a Semester on Exchange in Adelaide or Brisbane

While Melbourne may have captured the hearts of Malaysians, there are many other cities in Australia where Taylor’s students can spend a semester on exchange. UniSA is located in the heart of Adelaide and QUT is in the centre of Brisbane. These are two of Australia’s more affordable and easy to live in cities.

(L-R) Choo Lai Yee, Matthew Page (NCP student from QUT), Ian McFadden (QUT), and Jayvien Lau

(L-R) Jayvien Lau (TU), Kate Toone (UniSA)
While New York, London, Sydney and Paris may appear frequently in the advertising of global brands, there is much more to experience in these countries than just these few well-known cities. In fact, when students are spending a short time studying overseas, it’s often a much better-experience to be in a smaller city. It’s often quicker to find your way around, and much easier to make friends. As Taylor’s University selects its overseas partners, we try and choose a diverse range of university partners in a range of different locations (for example, in Australia we have partners in big cities such as Melbourne, smaller cities such as Newcastle, and even country towns such as Lismore).  We are mindful that spending just a few weeks or months on exchange overseas is very different experience to living there full-time and for many years. Australia has been a favourite study destination for Malaysian students for many years – in fact some 21,000 students are studying full-time in Australia. However, it’s a destination that has become increasingly expensive for Malaysians to study for a full degree. Taking a short summer school course or spending a semester is much more affordable option, while giving students the opportunity to live well-away from home and time to explore a new country and culture. Semester exchanges are also reciprocal arrangements between two universities. By going on exchange for a semester, a Taylor’s student is also giving an Australian student the opportunity to come and spend a semester in Malaysia, and many Australian institutions are increasingly interested to give their students the opportunity to spend time in Asia. Mr Ian McFadden, the Director of QUT Global at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) recently visited Taylor’s University to look at ways to increase the flow of students between the two institutions. During his visit to TU, he also met with Matthew Page, one of the QUT Australian government-funded New Colombo Plan Scholars who is on exchange at the Lakeside Campus studying in the School of Communication. Ms Jayvien Lau, Head of Student Exchange, said that “QUT is one of the eight student exchange partners for Taylor’s in Australia”, with Ms Choo Lai Yee, the Manager of Global Mobility adding that, “one of the first short-term programmes we established in 2016 was the ‘Biodiversity and Cultural Summer Programme’ which has become part of a collaborative effort between Taylor’s School of Biosciences and QUT’s School of Earth, Environmental and Biological Sciences”. Ms Kate Toone, who is the Manager for International Recruitment and Mobility at the University of South Australia (UniSA) also recently paid a visit to Taylor’s University. As she said, the focus of her visit was to foster “greater collaborative initiatives and enhance the mobility efforts for both institutions”. Though Taylor’s has co-operated with UniSA in many ways of over the years, UniSA and TU only recently signed a student exchange agreement. While QUT is located in the heart of Brisbane, the main UniSA is located right in the heart of Adelaide. It offers a broad range of degree programmes including business, law, education, arts and social sciences, health sciences and information technology.  You can stroll off the campus and be in the heart of the shopping district in five-minutes. Like Brisbane, there are also beaches and wildlife to see near-by. To find out more about the Global Mobility opportunities at Taylor’s University click here and to find out more about the School of Communication click hereGlobal Matters (2017)