Study at Taylor’s and See the World: The “Future in Motion” is in Ingolstadt, Germany

Taylor’s University offers a wide-range of global mobility options, including spending a semester abroad. The University of Applied Sciences in Ingolstadt is one of Taylor’s partners in Germany and they recently came to visit the Lakeside campus.

Students at Taylor’s University have an increasing range of international semester exchange options. Depending on their course chosen at Taylor’s, students can now look to spend a semester at over 150 institutions in over 30 countries. Destinations include not only Australia and the UK - but also S. Korean, Japan, Mexico, France, Italy, Austria, Finland, The Netherlands and Germany amongst many other countries. Taylor’s University has a number of different partners in Germany, which is a country well-known for its high-quality engineering and export focused businesses. Professor Axel Bader from the Business School of the University of Applied Sciences in Ingolstadt (THI - Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt) recently came to visit Taylor’s University to promote the exchange and to explore additional links. Ingolstadt is the home to the oldest university in the southern German-state of Bavaria which was established in 1472. However, THI is a much more modern and industry focused institution having been founded in 1994. The city of Ingolstadt is also the home of Audi automotive, and the THI campus is located right next door to the Audi Academy. THI offers several degrees in English allowing students from Taylor’s University to have a choice of subjects particularly in engineering and business. The guiding focus of the THI Business School is the “Future in Motion” which is the guiding principle that underpins the teaching and applied research focus of the university. THI is also known as the largest provider in Bavaria of dual study degrees. The dual study German model is a combination of both theory and practice, and combines regular Bachelor’s studies with comprehensive practical training internships within companies throughout a student’s studies. Jayvien Lau, the Head of Student Exchange at Taylor’s University said that, “Spending a semester overseas opens up a world of opportunities to a student’s studies at Taylor’s, and can broadening their horizons and widen their career opportunities with global companies”. To find out more about the Global Mobility options at Taylor’s University click here - Global Matters