Taylor’s Engineering Students Applauded for Their Innovations

As the first engineering school in Malaysia that employs project-based learning and adopts the CDIO™ (Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate) framework in its curriculum, Taylor’s School of Engineering students are trained through this project-based curriculum that encourages them to explore their passion in their chosen areas of specialization and work on actual projects from the first until the final semesters of their degrees. Through this approach, they are groomed and challenged to design, make decisions, manage resources, investigate activities and allowed to fail in the process so they learn how to come up with realistic solutions for real problems.
On 4 December 2017, more than 500 Engineering students were given the opportunity to showcase their creativity and innovative ideas through 153 projects at the Taylor’s University Engineering Fair - an event held every semester to showcase the innovative inventions of all our engineering students which are awarded by industry partners and academic experts.
The students were separated into 9 categories based on their years; Foundation in Engineering – RoboCar Competition (10 teams), Semester 1 Smart Courier Robot Challenge (12 teams), Semester 2 Ergonomic Projects (13 teams), Semester 3 Multidisciplinary Projects (18 teams), Semester 4 Innovation Projects (16 teams), Semester 5 Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project 1 (8 teams), Electrical Engineering Capstone Project 1 (2 teams), Semester 6 Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project 2 (6 teams), Electrical Engineering Capstone Project 2 (2 teams), Semester 7 Chemical Engineering Capstone Project 1 (5 teams), Final Year Projects (58 projects), and Semester 8 Chemical Engineering Capstone Project 2 (3 teams).
40 judges comprising of Engineering lecturers and industry representatives from UMP, Hanwha QCell, Ansell, Daikin, Independence-X Aerospace, PETRONAS, Group Information Security & Risk Management, Intrix Renewable Sdn Bhd, Favoriot, Top Glove (M) Sdn Bhd, and Petron Malaysia, were judging the students’ projects based on the projects’ feasibility technologically, Economically viable, Environment friendly and sustainable, safety and health relatability, Aesthetic, comfortability, user friendly and CDIO (conceive, design, implement and operate) charateristics.
Highlight of the day was the award announcements as the winners received cash prizes and certificates to recognised their hard work and innovations.
Congratulations to the winners!

Mohammad Ammar Zulsyahmi Mohd Zali, Champion of Taylor’s Research Prize (Mechanical Engineering), showing how his project works – improving natural fequency of an engine oil pan

One of 
The Philosophers member, with their winning project, Human powered vehicle (HPV) - which won the Taylor’s Capstone Award 2

One of the Aonfeg member demonstrating how their project, a CNC cutter that utilizes a tangential blade to cut shapes out of thin sheets of material eliminates the need of a ventilation in a conventional laser cutter, while consuming less than 10% of the total power, won the Best Design & Innovation Award

Champion of Semester 3 Best Multidisciplinary Award with their winning project T-Rash (a floating self-sustaining,  fully powered by solar energy, rubbish collector that collects floating rubbish from water surface that can be controled by using a smartphone via Bluetooth)

The Champion team of the Smart Courier Robot competition that challenged the first semester engineering students to build an autonomous robot, which is programmed to pick-up a ball from a starting point, navigate itself to the destination and drop the ball into the designated cup within the shortest time possible