Taylor’s Professor Inducted as an Honorary Fellow of the UK’s Council for Hospitality Management Education

For his contribution to hospitality education, Professor Perry Hobson was inducted as an Honorary Fellow at this year’s CHME’s annual conference that was held in Denmark.

Professor Perry Hobson, is both the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Global Engagement and a Professor of Hospitality and Tourism at Taylor’s University. In recognition of his substantial and sustained contribution to hospitality education and research, he was recently inducted as an Honorary Fellow of the UK’s Council for Hospitality Management Education (CHME). This year’s conference was for the first time held outside the UK, and was hosted by the University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) in Aalborg (Denmark), The Fellow nomination was read by this year’s Conference Chair, Anders Justenlund, and was based on his continued and sustained contribution to over many years.  Prof Perry Hobson was recognsied for being Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of Vacation Marketing for nearly 20-years, for also being co-Editor of the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education (JHTE) from 2006-9, for his leadership of the International Centre of Excellence in Hospitality and Tourism Education (THE-ICE) accreditation body, and for his contribution to research. In particular, Anders Justenlund pointed out that, “we also really wanted to recognsie Perry for the contribution he has made to mentoring younger people in addition to his other many contributions to our field of study”. Prof Perry Hobson, who is originally from the UK, said that, “He was very honoured to have been made a Fellow of CHME”, given that he has lived and worked outside the UK for some 30-years. Over the year, Prof Perry Hobson has lived and worked in the USA, Hong Kong, The Netherlands and also spent 17-years in Australia before moving to Malaysia. He was also inducted as a Fellow of the Council of Australian Universities in Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE) in 2014. He is the only person to have been made a Fellow of both the UK and Australian bodies. The CHME annual gala Awards Dinner was held in a marquee on an eco-farm on an island close to Aalborg (Denmark). The menu for the dinner was developed using locally grown produce, and each of the five courses was also prepared by a different local ‘celebrity’ chef. This year’s Keynote speaker was Professor Kaye Chon, the Dean of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (SAR-China), who also added his congratulations on this award. The next CHME annual conference will be hosted by Bournemouth University in the UK. To find out more about the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts at Taylor’s University click here – (Global Matters 2017