Taylor's School of Engineering Deepens Relationship Beyond Its Articulation Link with The University of Birmingham

In addition to its own highly recognised degrees in engineering, the School of Engineering at Taylor's University also offers a 2+2 articulation pathway option into the University of Birmingham. But the relationship is more than just an articulation link as the joint 'Global Alliance Challenge' has shown.

The recent rapid rise of the British pound has made full-time study for a period of 4-years in the UK a potentially unaffordable option for many students and their parents. But there are other ways to complete a prestigious UK degree in engineering other than studying for the full period of time in the UK. The School of Engineering at Taylor's University has had strong articulation links with the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Birmingham (UoB) for many years. In fact, over 350 Malaysian students have articulated into UoB to complete their degrees in Engineering. However, the relationship is now much more than an articulation arrangement. It also includes the cross-appointment of academic staff and the launch of the University of Birmingham-Taylor's University “Global Alliance Challenge” to focus joint expertise on finding global engineering solution to the challenges the world faces.

Several academic staff from UoB, such as Dr. Kylee Goode, also visit Taylor's University each year. This also helps to prepare students to transfer to the UK to complete their studies. The Associate Dean International for the School of Engineering, Dr. Veena A. Doshi, commented that, "We're about giving our students global study options and opportunities. Our long-standing relationship with the University of Birmingham means that this is an excellent pathway option for students who are looking for this sort of global study opportunity".

Engineering students on this pathway spend the first two-years studying at the Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, and then complete their final two years of study at the University of Birmingham in the UK. Taylor's University offers a range of articulation linkages with top QS ranked UK and Australian universities.

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