Taylor's University Contributes to Growing Tourism Research Networks in Asia-Pacific

In the academic world, somethings just take time. Taylor’s University helped to launch the Travel and Tourism Research Association Asia-Pacific Chapter back in 2012, and the Chapter recently won the international chapter achievement award for their activities.


Taylor’s University has not only initiated the ASEAN Tourism Research Association (ATRA) network and established the biennial Asia-Euro Conference on Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy, but it also hosted the first ever conference that established the Travel & Tourism Association (TTRA) Asia-Pacific Chapter. TTRA International was founded in 1970 and there are now chapters around the world. A lot of work has been put in to build up the Asia-Pacific chapter and membership. In recognition of all the efforts that have been made, at the recent TTRA’s International Conference, the Asia-Pacific Chapter (TTRA-APac) was recognised with the 2016 Chapter Achievement Award. The award is presented to the chapter that best furthers the mission of TTRA “to improve the travel industry by supporting quality tourism research through spirit, innovation, effectiveness and creativity”.

The Founding President of the Chapter is Prof. Sue Beeton from Australia, and the Vice-President has been Professor Perry Hobson, the PVC for Global Engagement at Taylor’s University. They both saw the need for an organisation that would bring together both academics and practitioners interested in travel and tourism research. TTRA-APac is dedicated to further supporting travel and tourism research in the region and its membership comprises destination marketing organisations, research managers, industry research users, ‘vendors’ (research consultants), academic researchers and post-graduate students. The award was presented based on TTRA-APac’s work in many areas, but most specifically the role of its annual conferences in adding content and meaning to tourism research in the world’s fastest growing tourism region.

From the first conference that was held at Taylor’s University in Malaysia in 2012, each subsequent conference (Australia 2014, and Japan 2015) has grown in participation and quality. The last conference was held at the University of Middlesex campus in Dubai (UAE), where the inaugural Sue Seeton Achievement Award was given to Kathy Palmer. As current Chapter President, Carolyn Childs explains, “this award marks the moment where TTRA has truly become international. The Association is one of the few places that all those interested in travel and tourism research can come together to grow one of the world’s most important industry sectors”.  Prof. Perry Hobson added that, “we look forward to a successful 2017 conference which will be held at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and to continue building the membership more widely”. This year Professor Hobson was also profiled by TTRA.

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