Taylor’s University Design Students Explore Berlin - An Uber Cool City of Art and Design

A study trip to Germany that focused on the Bauhaus Movement allowed a group of students from Taylor’s University to explore some unusual design techniques one of Europe’s coolest cities for art and design.


Wan Farah Afiqah Wan Faisal, a design student at Taylor’s University summed up her Berlin trip in one word – inspiring. “In my three years of study, my lecturers have always spoken about German designs such as the exhibits at the Bauhaus museum,” said the third year Graphic Communication Design student. “Finally I got to see the buildings. The workshop was an eye-opener for me as this was the first time I learnt and made photograms”.  This experience came as part of a study trip that The Design School at Taylor’s University organised to Germany as part of its Activity Week, which is a time in the academic calendar that is aimed at exposing students to areas beyond the syllabus. The students were accompanied by Taylor’s University Foundation in Design programme director Yip Jinchi and Bachelor of Arts Interactive Multimedia Design programme director Mohd Asrizal Razali. “It’s about enabling them to experience art and design from a different perspective, beyond what they are taught in class,” said Mohd Asrizal. During the trip the students visited the Bauhaus Archive Museum of Design. It exhibits art pieces and also documents from the Bauhaus School, a prominent European school of architecture, design and art. The school was in operation from 1919 to 1933, but was closed soon after the Nazis came into power in Germany. The visit was then followed by a two-day workshop for students. The students’ activities were based on the Bauhaus museum, and they were required to draw simple outlines of shapes which they subsequently cut out and used for their next activity which was photogram - a traditional darkroom technique. The third activity required them to record random sounds and connect them with shapes and forms created from earlier activities. At the end of the workshop, students combined all their sounds and shapes obtained from their photograms and made a video montage. Another one of the students, Chloe Myra Chu Dacir, said the highlight of the trip was the visit to the Bauhaus museum. “I like how everything despite being old still seems quite contemporary. It was all so mind- blowing,” said Chloe. She said visiting the museum helped her distinguish the different forms of art in Asia and Europe. “For so long, I have known only Asian art but what I’ve seen at the museum has exposed me to a world of different art works and techniques.” Among the other buildings the students visited were the Computer Games Museum, National Art Gallery, Berlin Art Market, Germany’s Parliamentary Building and the Brandenburg Gate. To read the full story in the Star Online click here, to watch the Star TV video of the trip click here and to find out more about The Design School at Taylor’s University click here.  – Global Matters