In the Taylor's University 2017-2022 Strategic Plan, research and enterprise is an important pillar that supports the University's ambitions towards Balanced Excellence. In parallel with maintaining our quality of teaching and student experience, the Department of Research & Enterprise intends to aggressively grow our footprint in this key area to serve the needs of our community and improve our standing in international league tables.  

We believe that our mission is to shape the future of postgraduate students here at Taylor’s University. Our activities focus on enhancing support mechanisms for research, drive research outputs and make the outputs useful to the community and society. The three centres that facilitate the activities of this department are Centre for Higher Degrees by Research (CHDR), Centre for Research Management (CRM) and Centre for Knowledge Transfer & Commercialisation.

Our department works towards:
  • Nurturing the next generation of researchers in focused areas by attracting and developing postgraduate students / junior researchers through full scholarships.
  • Fostering a vibrant and responsive research community among the Masters and PhD students through Flagship programmes and Centres of Research supported by right expertise, equipment and facilities.
  • Prioritising and incentivizing research with high impact to enhance reputation and ranking.
  • Generating alternative and recurring revenue with a strong patent portfolio and commercialisable outcomes from research and consultancy.
  • Broadening our contribution by engaging international and industry partners in research partnerships/service engagements / society.     

We invite you to learn about our team, priority areas, expert details, postgraduate research programmes, their funding & admission details and knowledge transfer & commercialisation aspects. Please contact the relevant centres for further information. 
Associate Professor Dr. Anthony Ho Siong Hock 
Pro Vice-Chancellor
Research & Enterprise