Taylor's has evolved from a leading teaching and learning higher education institution to progressively make its mark into research and innovation. Research, consultancy and innovation are important examples of academic professional services which utilise expertise and research materials from academic staff and students to contribute to the body of knowledge. These works are intended to increase professionalism, assist in developing the industry, contribute towards the society and in the long term, generate alternate revenue for Taylor's.

Taylor's is committed to the development of a culture-sustained scholarship leading to the creation of new knowledge and applied knowledge through research. All academic staff appointed in teaching at the degree award level have a contractual obligation to undertake research, whether within the institution, or in collaboration with industries or universities locally and internationally. The research will lead to the creation and dissemination of new knowledge, the practical application of that knowledge through the provision of direct advice, and to a body of knowledge which will inform and enhance teaching.

The academic staff of Taylor's comes from a variety of academic backgrounds and experiences, but all are expected to be involved in scholarly or research activities that will further enhance their teaching. The impact of their active practitioner roles on the relevance of their teaching in all degree programmes is informed by insights from practitioners and formal research activities.

Investigation and enquiry are essential to an academic institution. With the availability of highly skillful and specialised academician in an academic institution, research, consultancy and scholarly works and activities are essential to further place Taylor's as the top provider of excellence in education in the region.

To be recognised as a multidisciplinary research management centre on par with leading research institutions contributing towards the regional and emerging needs of the country.

Strengthen research culture by connecting people and supporting public-­‐private partnerships to:
  • Stimulate new ideas, push forward the advancement of CRIs and produce new discoveries.
  • Transform and integrate R&D as a culture for students and lecturers at Taylor’s University.
  • To inculcate a unique R&D attribute for all TU graduates – industry-movers instead of industry-relevant graduates

  • To strategically increase and diversify Taylor’s R&D funding resources.
  • To boost multi-disciplinary research through:
    • High-end publications
    • Centre for Research Initiatives
    • Commercialisation and consultancy activities
  •  To build international “Research Partnership Network” (RPN) for expert grooming and global positioning strategy.
  • To strengthen support and assistance for researchers through strong engagement, monitoring and evaluation strategy.