An Approach on Food Model System in Reducing Fat, Sugar and Salt while Maintaining Palatability

Applications are invited for the post of Graduate Research Student for Taylor’s Research Grant Scheme – Major Funding Scheme (TRGS – MFS) under Taylor’s University’s sponsored research projects.
Project Duration: February 2018 – July 2019
Project Code: TRGS/MFS/1/2017/SBS/005
Project Title: An Approach on Food Model System in Reducing Fat, Sugar and Salt while Maintaining Palatability
Brief of Project: 
Background. Decreasing obesity or cardiovascular disease can be achieved by eating healthier foods with reduced contents of fat, sugar, and salt. Therefore, global healthcare organisations encourage the food industry to reduce fat, sugar, and salt contents in food. However, these ingredients have a significant impact on the sensory quality of the food products that contain these ingredients.
  1. The present study aims to evaluate the sensory effect of cross-modal interactions (odour–taste–texture) on fat perception, sweetness, and saltiness in commonly consumed HFSS food products, as well as to investigate the efficiency of odorants to enhance perceived fat sensation, sweetness and saltiness in HFSS food products while maintaining the acceptability of the food products to consumers.
  2. Eight model HFSS food products, corresponding to a full factorial design based on two levels of fat, sugar, and salt will be produced and flavoured with aroma (associated to fat, sugar or salt) or not flavoured (control) to produce a total of 32 samples. These samples will be evaluated by panellists for taste, odour, texture and liking.
Expected Outcomes. Perceived fat sensation, sweetness and saltiness can be enhanced by congruent odorants in food products.
Master’s by research student – 1 student
Specific Qualifications/ Requirements: Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Food Science/Nutrition or any other related disciplines with a first class or second class upper degree.
Stipend and Benefits: Students are encouraged to apply for PhD scholarship (applicable for PhD students with 100% tuition fee waiver and stipend) or Research scholarship (applicable for both Master’s and PhD students with 75% tuition fee waiver and stipend). Refer to ‘Postgraduate Funding’ for eligibility, application and selection details for these scholarships.
Successful candidates who do not qualify for the above-mentioned scholarships will be funded through a Graduate Student Assistant scheme with monthly stipend of up to RM 1,500. Students will be enrolled in Master of Science under the School of Biosciences.
Job Description for Master’s by Research Candidate: 
Successful candidate will be involved in research project funded by TRGS on Food Model System in Reducing Fat, Sugar and Salt While Maintaining Palatability
Interested candidates can directly contact Dr. Yan See Wan with their CV and research proposal via e-mail (
School of Biosciences
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
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