We have adopted a Water Loss Prevention Programme and initiated concrete measures to minimise water wastage and to promote efficient water usage through leveraging on natural sources such as rainwater. The programme initiatives include:

Water Harvesting & Recycling
  • Rainwater harvesting reduces potable water consumption
  • Water recycling allows for more efficient use of water and reduced potable water consumption
Increased Efficiency

  • Water efficient landscaping eliminates or minimises usage of potable water for all landscape irrigation
  • Water efficient fittings optimise water usage through devices and fittings
  • Metering and leakage control through the use of sub-meters to monitor and manage major water usage
  • Pressure settings are continually observed and set optimally to prevent excessive flow of water
  • Water taps are being replaced or modified for more efficient flow of water.
  • The requirement for additional storage tanks for sustainable operations to prevent water shortage during a crisis is being studied, supporting the water recycling and rainwater harvesting initiatives
  • Rainwater harvesting is being adopted in toilet areas and for gardening activities, reducing potable water usage and dependency.