Taylor’s University strives to sustain the natural environment while building, maintaining & operating our various Academic, Administrative, Research, Labs, Hostels and Recreational space in our Campus. By following and taking into consideration Sustainable building practices, Energy Efficiency guidelines and strong partnerships with the Utility providers and Energy Commission, our TU Campus will move towards achieving our Green building performance.

Green buildings integrate many aspects of Sustainability including water, Energy and food. Our Campus will be more informed on how and why projects are built and provide proactive inputs to the Strategic Long Range Development Plans. Building upwards rather than building outwards will ensure greater use density. The Campus plan to use sustainable toilets with very low water flow rates and passive renewable Solar Energy to power up its Air Conditioning and other systems. More metering and retrofits to the existing buildings with the integration of Sustainability criteria/ Standards. Engagement of more Campus students to co-lead/ support the Green building and Energy retrofit projects implementation.