Do What You Enjoy And Get Recognition For It
Join the clubs and societies that cater to your varied interest and hobbies. The SHINE Award is here to support you in organising, managing and tracking your extra-curricular achievements.

Enhance Personal Development
By improving your self-management skills, we motivate you to become emotionally strong and value-driven in juggling both studies and extra-curricular commitments.

Be Work- Ready And Develop Skills That Employers Look For
We build you as the all-rounder that employers today seek, helping you to gain competencies with great employability over other graduates.

Socialise and Expand Networking Opportunities
Great networking translates into great career opportunities as the new people you meet may serve as important resources to help you in your future undertakings.

Develop Lifelong Skills That Supplement Classroom Learning
Knowing what to expect in life will help you prepare for the challenges ahead. We will bring out the best in you by helping you to pick up valuable, out-of-class skills.

Become A Self-Directed Leader With Global Perspectives
Leaders are made, not born. Acquire in depth leadership capabilities and be empowered to become the leader of your generation.

Broaden Horizons And Develop Cross-Cultural Awareness
We not only help you to gain awareness of global trends and issues, but also foster cultural understanding of people from all walks of life.

What Do Students Say… 

  “Through personal development, I discovered many things about myself, both strengths and weaknesses that I never knew existed. I am able to construct defined and specific goals to achieve in life.” 

Ady Faizal,
Bachelor of Mass Communication (HONS) (Broadcasting)
LP1 - Personal Development
  “Taking on leadership opportunities is always the most difficult for me as leading takes courage, and I value my experiences which I have steadily built through participation in clubs and societies. Along this journey, I have witnessed myself and others being praised for our maturity and persistence to lead successfully.” 

Lim Ben-Jie,
Bachelor of Business (HONS) Finance and Economics
President, Taylor’s University Student Council
LP2 - People and Leadership
  “I was given a priceless experience at Nestlé Products Sdn. Bhd. Comprehending the whole end –to-end process was challenging given the complexity of Nestlé supply chain, but was made easier with a patient and understanding reporting manager and friendly colleagues. I also learned that learning happens anywhere and anytime, especially in situations least expected. So be alert and have lots of fun discovering!” 

Kenneth Ng,
Bachelor of Business (HONS) International Business
Intern, Nestlé Products Sdn. Bhd. 

LP3 - Professional Development
  “Apart from visiting and enjoying places of attraction, my main experience was having classes and activities with children in a small village in Changsha. Spending time with those children was a wake up call for me to continue to move forward and develop myself more.” 

Joshua Chieng
Bachelor of Engineering (HONS) Electrical & Electronics
Volunteer Teacher, Dare to Dream Project in Changsha, China
Global Ambassador Programme, AIESEC

LP4 - Global Engagement