SSC conducts workshops for the schools within Taylor’s on areas that are important for skills development of students. Students can also request a workshop on an ad-hoc basis for the following topics:
Presentation Skills Reflective Learning
e-Portfolio SWOT Analysis and Goal Setting
Introduction to TGC Successful Transition
Personal Development Planning Note Taking Skills
Learning Styles Time Management
Mind Mapping Managing Change

International research has drawn attention to the difficulties many students experience in making the transition from school to university (with a resulting high drop-out rate). Many higher education institutions have therefore devoted resources to ‘transition programs’ to address the problem. Likewise, the SSC helps students cope with the transitional phase to university life as well as the rigorous learning demands of their tertiary program through an analysis of their learning styles and approaches, offering peer learning programmes, etc. The orientation workshops for commencing students focuses on issues such as:
  • How university study is different from school
  • How to make the most of the experience and opportunities
  • Understanding how ‘the uni system’ works and how to manage expectations
  • Where to go for help and leverage on campus resources

Communication Skills Enhancement Programme
The Communication Skills Enhancement Programme is open to March 16’ intake students. It is a one week programme conducted a week before the orientation.
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