SSC supports students facing challenges with difficult subjects via the peer assisted learning platform. PALS provides a structure that offers academic assistance to students for various first year subjects. It builds the students’ self-confidence and minimises student study concerns by fostering collaborative learning amongst peers. Students will learn in small groups guided by a trained senior student, in a relaxed, flexible and informal environment. Additionally, the senior students will inculcate skills such as independent learning, critical thinking, problem solving, and social interaction.

During the PALS session, seniors assist students to address study concerns through group work, discussions, problem solving, critical-thinking, group activities, quizzes, working through examples, reviewing lecture notes, identifying key issues and supplementary resource.

The benefits of PALS session are proven by research as follows:
  • Deepens the student’s understanding of the subject/discipline
  • Improves academic performance of the attendees
  • Promotes collaborative and active learning
  • Develops key study skills and promotes independent learning
  • Improves retention and progression rate amongst students
  • Reduces attrition rates within targeted subjects
  • Enhances the quality of the First Year Experience
  • Supports students to make a successful transition to tertiary study life

Student who attend PALS find the peer learning sessions to be helpful as they are:
  • Conducted in small and comfortable-sized study settings
  • Offered in a relaxed and non-threatening learning environment (as it’s led by peers)
  • A safe and comfortable avenue for voicing study concerns and participating in discussions
  • Helpful to facilitate discipline-based knowledge, promote social interaction and networking

PALS sessions are offered as a complementary service for first year students.