KPT/JPS (R/343/7/0718) (A11525) 09/20
Gain a competitive edge through in-depth training and applied knowledge

With Master in Finance (MFin), you will gain comprehensive training and highly marketable skills towards a privileged position in the finance industry. Master in Finance provides our postgraduate students a solid understanding of financial management principles and their application to corporate financial policy, as well as financial markets. Our Master in Finance students will be equipped with the appropriate skills to analyse and interpret developments in financial practice.

The programme aims to enhance graduate capabilities through:
  • Extensive applications of finance theories
  • Detailed knowledge of the operations and activities of financial markets
  • A practical and career-oriented programme
  • Enhanced knowledge of financial management principles and application to corporate financial policy
  • A thorough understanding of financial markets
  • An applied knowledge of various specialised aspects of the finance industry

The Master in Finance programme is normally completed in 18 months of part-time study and the maximum time permitted for completion is 5 years. This programme is designed to provide students with the flexibility of working full-time while being able to complete a postgraduate qualification without disrupting their current employment.
Who should apply?
Open to those interested to pursue a career in the finance industry and who have studied finance in their undergraduate studies. Graduates of our master’s programme in Finance will have the capabilities to work in professional settings by applying the skills and specialised financial knowledge they gain throughout their course of study.

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