Taylor’s University thesetup is a hybrid Incubator and Accelerator for Entrepreneurs that provides a holistic, structured four stage entrepreneurship training program that takes the entrepreneur from their idea stage and enables them to get funding from VC for pre-seed and seed, built around a multidiscipline mentorship model.


Multidiscipline team that will go through the process of developing an idea and validating it, the outcome will be an ideation pitch and High Level business plan. The teams will then pitch to external mentors and if selected will go to the Start-up program.


Teams will be taken through a series of modules, the output of this program is that the teams will start their own company and have an investor pitch deck, an MVP or prototype or simulation module and supporting documentation needed by investors. They will than pitch to investors for pre-seed funding and if funded will go into TU incubator for the next 18 months through two programs.


thesetup holding company and the investor will take an equity stake in the companies. These companies will be given training and be incubated at thesetup for 1 year. The teams will further develop their products and start to commercialise it. They will be trained with the tools and skills to pitch to VC for seed funding.


The teams will be given additional training for a further 6 months to scale and increase their customer base and be ready to globalize and to pitch to investors for more funding to accelerate the growth of their company. At this stage the startup is ready to graduate from the incubator.