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The Emerging Business Angel Market in Malaysia

Results indicate that business angels in our sample generated strong returns, though they did find it a challenge to invest in and monitor new ventures in a highly uncertain and competitive environment where there is high political uncertainty, weak legal and financial support for investors and SMEs. In order to overcome weak institutional support, business angel investors develop informal institutions by co-investing and networking with family members and government officials. They also conduct careful due diligence before investing and closely monitor their investee companies after investing. This research provides several theory and practice contributions with respect to business-angel investing in emerging economies with weak formal institutional regimes.

ASEAN Startup Landscape

Southeast Asia is one of the most vibrant markets and a perfect opportunity for Malaysian startups to grow and expand.

Science Outlook Report 2017

What is the current state of technology in Malaysia? What can we expect to grow in the next few years?

Science & Technology Foresight Malaysia 2050

What are the emerging technologies we can expect to feature as Malaysia advances to 2050? These are opportunities to lead and become pioneers of future industries