KPT/JPS (N/481/8/0785) (MQA/PA9554) 11/22
About the programme
The Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science) is a research programme aimed for those who wish to be excited of innovation and/or discovery in a changing global landscape. This programme facilitates graduate students to have a strong grounding on algorithmic foundations of computing, endeavour scientific research in a variety of fields in Computer Science or IT, preparing them in applying computational thinking to a diversity of applications in Computer Science and beyond that may cut-across disciplines. Building their life’s career path, graduates of this programme would pursue higher value activities that includes intellectual property creation, system design and integration, handling challenging problems that has real-world impact.
Who should join this programme?
  • Candidates who aspire for transformational research and explore the boundary of human knowledge
  • High-end or high-value technical jobs or high-level research in industry
  • Advancement of their research career in industries
  • Enter academia or end up with tenure-track academic jobs
  • Our endeavour to create the best possible graduate experience