Bill Payment via HSBC Internet Banking Step-by-Step Guide:


New Biller

  1. Select "Pay and Transfer". Choose an account "Saving/Current/Credit Card"
  2. Select an option "New payment to a biller". Select "HSBC Biller".
  3. Search “Taylors University Lakeside Campus”.
  4. Insert required details.
  5. Biller Reference: “00312345/ADAM
  6. (Student's ID must be 8 digits. If it is less than 8, add zeros in front)
  7. Generate “Security Code” enter the transaction verification number on your device with the last 4 digits (numbers only) of Ref-1/Biller reference. Followed by transfer amount including cent.
  8. (eg: Biller reference: 000312345/ADAM, amount RM245.00 key in, 012324500)
  9. Enter the 6-digit security code shown on your Mobile Secure Key.


Step 2: To Make Payment

  1. Click "Pay a biller you’ve paid before"
  2. Select "Pay To". Select "Taylor's University (Lakeside Campus)"
  3. Insert details as per sample below
    1. Amount: 5000
    2. Date & frequency: "Pay Now"
    3. Details: Tuition Fee / Hostel
  4. Screen will prompt "Pay a Bill-Review Details". Click "Confirm"
  5. An acknowledgement screen will be displayed.