Event Calendar | May 2023

Looking for something that will give you an enriching experience? From insightful talks by our industry experts and academics to meaningful campaigns, discover a wide range of exciting events happening throughout the month.


1 May - 7 May 

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8 May - 14 May 

Family Values, Culture and Identity in Family Business
Join us for an inspiring lecture on Family Values, Culture & Identity in Family Business, featuring Yong Yoon Li, the Managing Director of Royal Selangor. Gain valuable insights on how to navigate the complexities of running a family business while preserving your family's values and culture. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the industry's most respected leaders!
Enhancing Equality and Diversity in Legal Education: Current Issues and Perspectives
Join us to hear from Professor Tamara Hervey from City Law School, London on her views and insights on enhancing equality and diversity in legal education.

15 May - 21 May

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22 May - 29 May

With family members involved in the business, family businesses need a different type of governnance compared to nonfamily businesses, in particular, governening the family members. In this session, Shanti will share her experience and insights on governance in family business.