Memori Raya Bazaar

Salam Ramadhan!

As we prepare for the festivities this year, we are reminded, once again, of the countless moments that make Raya special. From the joyous gathering of family and friends to the delectable assortment of traditional delicacies, Raya is truly a time to cherish and celebrate.

Memori Raya Bazaar, hosted by the Taylorian community, celebrates the spirit of togetherness. It is where we can relive our fondest memories of past Rayas, bond as we share them, and create new ones together!

Our impressive line-up of vendors is eager to dish up a delicious and delightful experience reminiscent of the Raya celebrations of old! From tantalising snacks to charming knick-knacks, this bazaar is more than just a feast for your stomach; it is also a treat for your soul.

So come with us on a nostalgic trip down memory lane this festive season at Memori Raya Bazaar. Let us take this time to connect with one another, embrace the cultural heritage of Raya, and make memories that will last a lifetime.


Date:           17th - 18th April 2023 (Monday - Tuesday)

Time:           3.00 PM - 6.00 PM

Location:     UniSquare and Amphitheatre, Taylor's University Lakeside Campus 

Fee:              Free admission


Discover some of the vendors and their products featured at Memori Raya Bazaar! These are our very own entrepreneurial Taylorians who have set up their businesses with the support of Bizpod, an entrepreneur startup incubator for Taylor's University, powered by Taylor'sphere. By shopping with them, not only will you be getting access to quality products, but you will also be contributing to the growth and success of these emerging business leaders.

Be sure not to miss the opportunity to also shop the products by our Indian Cultural Society!

Shop local and support young talents at Memori Raya bazaar!


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The Q'Bies


Indian Cultural Society

RAYA 2023