04 September 2019

Research & Innovation Festival 2019

Date: 25th – 28th November 2019
Time: 9.00am - 6.00pm
Venue: Taylor's Lakeside Campus
Location: *Refer to scheduling 

Innovations of products and services driven by people who see the need to continously improve current situation. to bring these thoughts to life requires exploration, experimentation, which in a sense is research. The curiosity to explore is key to improve. Therefore, putting research fair and innovation fair together brings together people in different disciplines, generate new ideas, sharing views, sharing experiences with the purpose of designing the next project or idea. Join the likes of innovative thinkers to explore the posibilities of creating life changing solutions. 

Siti Ruhaida Rahim
Research Fair Committee Secretariat
Maizatul Shuhada Ab. Ayiz
Innofest Committee Secretariat


Research & Innovation Festival 2019 is a campuswide celebration of Research and Creativity Activity. This year, is the first time such event is held at Taylor's University. Research & Innovation Festival is a chance to celebrate research success and progressions, showcase student work and engage in professional development. The festival is a combination of Research Fair and Taylor's Innofest, two distinct events merged to give participants the best of both worlds.  Research & Innovation Festival offers something for every: faculty and undergrad events in the Grand Hall, Postgraduate video competition, Grant Holder's TedTalk Session and many more. Each sessions is tailored to Taylor's University balanced excellence aspirations, to have research priorities and broaders campus interests. Explore our upcoming Research & Innovation Festival.

Dear Taylorians,

It is a my privilege to invite you to attend the Research & Innovation Festival 2019 held from 25th-28th November 2019 at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus.  This upcoming festival incorporates the biannual Taylors Innofest and the Taylor’s Research Fair organised once every two years. The theme of of the Research Fair this year is Sustainable Living in the 21st Century.

The Taylor's Research Fair is a campuswide celebration of research and creative activity. It highlights  faculty successes, showcases our academic experts and intends to promote engagement between staff, students and industry professionals. Besides academic presentations, there will be video submission competitions, forums and networking sessions.

In support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, this year’s Research Fair encompases 10 rich content sessions to co-relate Sustainable Living in the 21st Century.  Adhering to the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainble future for all, Research Fair address the global challenges we face, including those related to inequality, climate change, prosperity and peace and justice. The sessions highlight research addressing these challenges such as Ageing & Quality of Llife, Industrialisation Innovation, Improving Health through Natural Plant Resources & Biodiversity and many more.

We hope you will also take the opportunity to visit the Taylor's Innofest which will be held concurrently with the Research Fair.  It is a wonderful opprtunity to showcase tangible products and services arising directly or indirectly from research.  We hope you will be wowed by what you see and ecnourage you to think about the commercialisation potential of your own innovative projects.   

We hope you will join the likes of innovative thinkers to explore the posibilities of creating life changing solutions for our future.

See you at the fair in November!


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anthony Ho Siong Hock

Organising Chairperson

RiF 2019



Research fair is an annual program that features ingenuity and creativity of Taylor's Researchers by providing them with an avenue to showcase their scientific prowess and thirst for knowledge. In this three-day event, participants will exhibit and defend their research projects in Research Presentation and Video Competition.


Taylor's InnoFest is an innovation festival during the last week of semester showcasing projects undertaken by undergraduate students in the university throughout the semester.



Interested to be a part of Research & Innovation Festival?

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Siti Ruhaida Rahim
Research Fair Committee Secretariat

Maizatul Shuhada Ab. Ayiz
Innofest Committee Secretariat